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Moldova negotiated gas supplies bypassing Ukraine with Gazprom

The extension of the contract for natural gas supply is expected from January 2020

CHISINAU, October 18. /TASS/. Moldova negotiated the extension of the gas supply contract and the possibility of its transportation bypassing Ukraine with the Russian gas holding Gazprom, President of the country Igor Dodon said on Friday on his Facebook page.

"I was informed about the presence of an agreement in principle at the level of Gazprom and MoldovaGaz on the extension of the contract for natural gas supply from January 2020. The parties will announce document signing shortly," Dodon said. "Although there is hope that Russian gas transit will be provided over the territory of Ukraine, contract signing with Gazprom will also provide an opportunity of receiving natural gas in any delivery point, including on the border with other countries, while operators of gas systems of the said countries will support natural gas transportation to the border with the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the existing rules," he noted.

MoldovaGaz and Gazprom have reached a preliminary agreement to extend the current gas supplies contract for several years, Dodon said on September 20.

Moldova is currently buying gas from Gazprom under the contract expiring in 2019. Gazprom supplied 2.9 bln cubic meters of natural gas to Moldova last year, up 8.4% on an annualized basis.