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Hainan to become more open to foreign technical schools

HAIKOU, July 12./TASS/. For the first time, China's Hainan will allow foreign vocational schools to provide services in the field of public education in the province. According to China Daily, at the initial stage such measures for the implementation of advanced international experience in engineering education will be conducted as an experiment.

According to the program of the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Hainan authorities must create for this an "open and innovative space, taking into account the specific features of Chinese socialism."  The central government has set the task of the administration of the island: through reforms, to form a top-notch scientific and educational cluster, which will work closely with the real sector of the economy in the region. For the successful implementation of this ambitious program, Hainan has already begun to pursue active contacts with leading foreign universities, which the Chinese authorities are proposing to open branches on the island.

In accordance with the decision, foreign universities and colleges, together with Chinese partners, will have the opportunity to develop their own educational projects. It is assumed that the next step will be the opening of international secondary schools and kindergartens in Hainan with the introduction of foreign training programs. The authorities do not exclude that, if successful results are at the stage of experimental implementation, foreign universities specializing in the training of engineering specialists will be able to carry out fully independent activities on the island with the possible support of leading global business conglomerates. 

The central leadership in Beijing has already issued a decree under which the provincial authorities of the southern province should create all the necessary conditions for the arrival of foreign educational institutions in Hainan. It is assumed that they will allow to fill the shortage of professional personnel that will be required for the successful formation on the island of the largest and most advanced free trade zone in China.