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Putin orders Cabinet to approve electronics development strategy

The strategy should comprise in particular current and looking-forward parameters of the market of radio- and microelectronic products, covering import, export and domestic consumption

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to approve a cross-sectoral electronic industry development strategy, the Kremlin’s press service reports on Wednesday.

Such an assignment was given in follow-up of an audit of performance of laws and decisions of the head of state aimed at development of the electronic industry and the electronic component base.

"For purposes of National Projects implementation, the Government of the Russian Federation should approve the cross-sectoral electronic industry development strategy and an action plan for its implementation," the order says.

The documented directed to be developed by 2019 year-end should comprise in particular current and looking-forward parameters of the market of Russian radio- and microelectronic products, covering their import, export and domestic consumption. The strategy should also stipulate measures for prevailing use of domestic microelectronics and software, the list of key microelectronic components and indicators for increase of nondefense products output on their basis.

The paper should specify priority areas of cooperation with foreign manufacturers for "creation and step-by-step localization of microelectronic components, equipment and materials, and base technologies open for all market players."

The Cabinet should also develop a package of measures to form conditions for development of microelectronics engineering centers, manufacturing and sales of electronics, and a system of target training of staff focusing on solution of perspective tasks of the electronics industry.