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Hainan to simplify registration procedure for eco-friendly cars

It will take one hour instead of three to register a car, the authorities vow

HAIKOU, June 11./TASS/. The government of the southern Chinese province of Hainan decided to simplify the registration procedure for owners of electric and hybrid cars. According to the Hainan Daily, these measures are aimed at strengthening the status of the island as an international resort. 

According to the newspaper, the procedure for registration of electric and hybrid cars will be reduced from three to one hour. Those buying eco-friendly cars will pay no taxes or any other fees. 

Also, the authorities have developed measures to update the parks of public transport enterprises. For buses running on alternative energy sources with a monthly mileage of 2,500 km, a subsidy from 40,000 yuan ($ 5,600) to 80,000 yuan ($11,200) is provided, depending on the specific model.

To the year 2030 with no gas 

In order to combat environment pollution and protect ecology, the Hainan authorities intend to completely stop selling cars with conventional gasoline and diesel engines on the island by 2030. For these purposes, the government will encourage the residents to buy electric vehicles and hybrids, as well as develop the infrastructure necessary for them. 

Starting from August 1, 2018, the authorities have already introduced a special quota for obtaining state-standard numbers for ordinary types of vehicles. Meanwhile, according to the last year's data, there were more than 23,000  "green" cars registered on Hainan, which is about 1.8% of the total number of cars on the island. In order to service eco-friendly vehicles there are more than 4.600 charging stationins in the province.

Since 2019, according to the authorities, all companies and state-owned enterprises on the island are committed to switching to "green" cars. By 2030, they plan to install about 940,000 spots for recharging electric and hybrid cars on the island.