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Media: Hainan plans to ease procedure of construction projects approval

Main provisions of the document are expected to be signed by the end of June, 2019

HAIKOU, June 8./TASS/. The government of the southern Chinese province of Hainan intends to reduce the time for consideration and approval of new construction projects on the island, according to the Hainan Daily newspaper. 

With the help of this reform, the authorities hope to create a top-notch business environment. It is expected that by the end of this month the main provisions of the document and the information platform will be worked out. 

Moreover, it is planned to work out relevant governmental investment proposals, as well as the procedure for providing land for small and medium-sized projects. The period of consideration for construction projects in industrial and technological clusters in the province, where the preferential regime is already in effect, should be cut to 57 working days.

By the end of 2019, all construction-related platforms neceaasry for the new steps should be synchronized. Currently, a working group for the project implementation has been set up.