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Kremlin keeping an eye on Brexit, says spokesman

Russia is interested in a "predictable, stable partner", Dmitry Peskov added

MOSCOW, May 24. /TASS/.The Kremlin keeps a close watch on Brexit-related processes, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Friday, adding he was not ready yet to offer any comment regarding British Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation plans.

"No, I’m not ready to say anything at this point," he acknowledged, when asked if there had been any response to May’s forthcoming resignation. "Certainly, we keep a close watch on the Brexit-related processes in general, which inevitably affect Britain and the situation in the European Union."

"We are closely monitoring this, in the first place, because the European Union is our main trading and economic partner. For this reason we are naturally interested in a predictable, stable and developing partner," Peskov explained.

About the Kremlin’s attitude to May’s role in Moscow-London relations, Peskov said: "Regrettably, I cannot recall offhand any landmarks that might somehow illustrate a contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Russia and Britain. It is rather the other way round - May’s premiership was a very complicated period in our bilateral relations."

Theresa May on Friday declared she had made up her mind to step down as the leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party on June 7. She vowed to perform the prime minister’s duties until a new Tory leader was elected. The process of electing a new leader will begin in the Conservative Party on June 10. May has notified Queen Elizabeth II of her plans.

According to the British media’s estimates, the election of a new Tory leader may last six weeks.

The main reason that prompted May to take such a decision was her failure to persuade parliament give a go-ahead to the agreement on the terms of Brexit with the European Union. May encountered firm resistance from her own Cabinet of Ministers to the latest Brexit-related proposals, put forward in a bid to secure the MPs’ consent.