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Russian companies launch service to deliver export cargos by railroad to China

The service is now operating in a test mode

KRASNOYARSK, March 29. /TASS/. The Russian Export Center, Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS and the Fesco Group have signed a trilateral agreement to launch a joint service for the delivery of export cargos to China, President of the Fesco Group, Aleksandrs Isurins, told TASS.

Signed at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, the agreement provides for delivery of non-oil and gas exports in container trains from the Siberian Federal District, in particular, the cities of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, to China by railroad and via the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port.

The service is now operating in a test mode, Insurins said.

"The train runs once every two weeks, in the short term perspective there will be two or three trains a week. One train is from 60 to 75 containers," Sergey Shevtsov, head of the Novosibirsk branch of Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS told TASS.

International Cooperation and Export is the national project, which comprises five federal projects ("Industrial export", "Export of agricultural products", "Logistics of international trade", "Export of services" and "System measures for the development of international cooperation and export"). Its goal is to ensure that the share of exports of the processing industry, agriculture and services was 20% of the country’s GDP as well as to increase the share of non-oil and gas exports to $250 bln by 2024

About companies

Fesco Group is one of the leading privately-owned transportation and logistics companies in Russia. It controls the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, Transgarant rail operator, and 75% minus one share of the operator of container platforms Russkaya Troyka. Fesco operates a fleet of 14,000 units of rolling stock, including 5,000 container platforms, and 40,000 containers as well. The company has a fleet of 20 vessels, mostly deployed through own sea service lines

Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS is a logistics operator operating on the Russian market since 2003. It is part of the Rail Cargo Group - a subsidiary of the Austrian Railways.

About the forum

The Krasnoyarsk Economic forum is underway to March 30. The event’s key topic is competition in development of the Russian economy. TASS is the forum’s strategic media partner.