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Russian national park prepares for publishing children’s book about Arctic

The Russian Arctic National Park plans to publish a textbook for junior school students

ST. PETERSBURG, October 2. /TASS/. The Russian Arctic National Park plans to begin publishing before the year-end a textbook for junior school students, the park’s Director Alexander Kirilov told TASS.

"We have prepared for publication an Arctic book, which is a project of the national park and Arkhangelsk’s school 45," the director said. "Currently, respective authorities study the book to issue a recommendation to use it as a textbook for school pupils."

"The layout is ready, and printing may begin before the year-end," he added.

The book will tell children about the Russian North’s nature, history and exploration. At first, the book will be used in the Arkhangelsk Region’s schools, but the director does not rule out other regions may follow suit. The new book will be a part of the new Arctic Studies direction, on which the national park and the school have been working lately.

A pavilion in Arkhangelsk

The national park’s another pedagogical direction is a specialized Russian Arctic pavilion, which the park opened in Arkhangelsk’s children’s town of professions.

"We have opened the national park’s pavilion in the children’s town of professions - NordVil - this place attracts very many visitors," the director continued. "At the pavilion, children will learn how polar explorers work, how meteorology stations function, what experiments are made in the Arctic."

The pavilion’s staff will invite children to master classes, which will develop children’s interest in the Arctic’s flora, fauna and climate.

How the work will continue

The national park plans to have new publications and exhibition projects on the Arctic’s nature and history. Some of them will be devoted to the military actions during WWII. In 2019, Arkhangelsk’s Museum of Local History will host an exhibition, which will tell history of the Tikhaya Bay, the director said.

"We have planned with the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local History to have an exposition about the Tikhaya Bay in April," he continued. "In 1929, a polar station was working there."

"The military period will be represented there as one of the stages," he added.

About the Park

The Russian Arctic National Park is Russia’s northernmost and biggest natural reserve, which takes the area of 8.8 million hectares. It was organized on June 15, 2009. The Park included a northern part of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago’s Severny Island. In August 2016, the entire Franz Josef Land Archipelago’s national reserve became the park’s another part. The park is keeping the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the Russian Arctic’s Western Sector.