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Sberbank, Yandex to close e-commerce JV deal

Sberbank CEO said he expects to create "the Russian Amazon" on the Yandex.Market base

MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. Sberbank and Yandex closed a deal to establish a joint venture in the e-commerce sphere, the bank said on Friday.

"The deal is highly important for the Russian market, for Yandex and for us. We worked on this deal during the last year and it is legally completed at last. We received all the required authorizations to make this deal and the legal side of the matter has been closed completely," Chief Executive Officer of Sberbank Herman Gref said in a comment.

Yandex.Market company valued by the parties at 30 bln rubles ($483.5 mln) will receive 30 bln rubles ($483.5 mln) more from Sberbank, Gref said. "The company should direct these funds to develop the company into a full-fledged marketplace," he added.

Furthermore, 10% of shares will be allocated to develop an option fund for the Yandex.Market team.

Gref said he expects to create "the Russian Amazon" on the Yandex.Market base.

"The company faces ambitious tasks in accordance with the business plan we agreed with Yandex as shareholders. We strongly hope that the current management team will endeavor to achieve the set business development parameters. We want to build ‘the Russian Amazon’ on the Yandex.Market base and I hope we will succeed," Gref noted.