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Russia is ready to provide most advanced anti-terror gear to its customers

The president says Russia is facing a misconduct of a range of countries on the global arms market

MOSCOW, December 12. /TASS/. Russia is prepared to offer its customers the most advanced equipment and gear for fighting against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the commission for military-technical cooperation with other countries on Monday.

"We are prepared to offer our customers the most advanced anti-terrorist means," the Russian leader said.

He went on to say he was referring to not just means of close combat, but also military aircraft, air defense weapons, rocket launchers and armored vehicles.

"In a word, everything that helps successfully fight with terrorists, who in fact created large, well-organized armed groups and often use well-trained specialists with a record of service in the regular army, and advanced weapons, including those of western manufacture," Putin said He drew attention to the fact that Russia was making a tangible contribution to struggle against international terrorism and to enhancing the defense capability of its allies, including CSTO allies and CIS partners. The geographic range of supplies keeps expanding. Of late, whole regions of the world confronted soaring violence and terrorist threats. He mentioned Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan as examples.

Russia is facing a misconduct of a range of countries on the global arms market and this needs to be taken into account, Putin said.

"Our country confidently ranks second in the world in this area (arms market), and in the top five we are ahead of France, Germany and the United Kingdom," Putin said at the meeting of a commission on military and technical cooperation with foreign countries.

"At the same time we act in traditionally tough competitive conditions and sometimes even face misbehavior of some partners," he said.

"The portfolio of orders (for Russian arms and military equipment - TASS) is at a consistently high level, that is, more than $50 billion," the head of state said. He noted that this year "the volume of export sales in terms of military-technical cooperation continues to be high." "I ask military-technical cooperation entities and a state intermediary to take comprehensive measures to ensure stable demand for Russian products," the president said, pointing to the need to pay special attention to the geographical range of supplies.