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Russia discusses with ICAO Ukraine’s missile test plans near Crimea

According to Russia’s aviation watchdog Rosaviatsia, missile-firing drills in the Crimea area is a violation of international agreements

MOSCOW, November 29. /TASS/.Russia has discussed with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) the situation around Ukraine’s plans to carry out missile tests near Crimea, Russia’s Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said on Tuesday.

"I held talks with an authorized employee of ICAO and the head of the European representation office in Ashgabat. We informed ICAO of this and expect a response from this international organization," Sokolov told reporters.

According to Sokolov, Russia has received no information from Ukraine yet on cancelling the missile tests near Crimea scheduled for December 1-2.

"We have not received any official information yet, but there is still some time left," Sokolov said.

Russia’s aviation watchdog Rosaviatsia said earlier that Ukraine had made a unilateral decision to conduct missile-firing drills in the Crimea area. According to Rosaviatsia, this would be a violation of international agreements.

Rosaviatsia also said that on November 24, Ukraine had issued an aviation notification on "activating dangerous zones at all flight levels in view of missile firing exercises scheduled for December 1 and 2."

However, the issue of closing the airspace over Crimea is not discussed. The Russian Federal Air Transport system has expressed confidence that this decision will be cancelled.