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Russia’s ship-launched cruise missiles hit Ukraine’s commando training center near Ochakov

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, seven Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from a ship in the Black Sea against the designated targets on Ukraine’s territory

MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. A missile-carrying ship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has fired a salvo of seven cruise missiles Kalibr against ground targets on Ukraine’s territory, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. A video of the launch was released.

"Within the framework of the special military operation the Russian armed forces carried out another strike with smart weapons against Ukraine’s military infrastructure," the Defense Ministry said.

Seven Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from a ship in the Black Sea against the designated targets on Ukraine’s territory.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that on Tuesday, April 5 that the Russian armed forces had used smart long-range surface ship-launched weapons against a Ukrainian special operation forces training center near Ochakov, which was also used for housing mercenaries.

Kalibr is a family of Russia’s cruise missiles developed and manufactured at the Yekaterinburg-based design bureau Novator (an affiliate of the Almaz-Antey corporation). Currently there are several configurations of the cruise missile: surface ship-launched Kalibr-NK, submarine-launched Kalibr-PL, air-launched Kalibr-A and the export version Kalibr-E. According to open sources, different types of Kalibr missiles are currently in service in Russia, India and China.

The exact parameters of Kalibr missiles are classified. According to different sources, this missile can hit naval targets up to 375 kilometers away and ground targets up to 2,600 kilometers away. The first ship to have been armed with the Kalibr missiles in 2012 was the missile ship of project 11661 Dagestan. Such cruise missiles are also installed on the frigate The Admiral Gorshkov, small missiles ships of the projects Buyan-M, Karakurt and some others.

For the first time the Kalibr cruise missiles were used during the Russian military operation in Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry says the missiles were used on 13 occasions, with 99 launches at terrorist targets carried out.