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Russian, Turkish military inspect situation on ground in northeast Syria

This patrol was the seventh joint patrol of the Syrian-Turkish border

MOSCOW, November 16. /TASS/. The seventh joint Russian-Turkish patrol have studied the situation on the ground in northeast Syria and completed patrolling of a new area along the Syrian-Turkish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

"The joint patrol that started from a checkpoint in the community of Deirun-Aga, covered a new route and completed its operation passing through the checkpoint in the community of Delawi-Kara. The patrol included covering a few Syrian residential communities. This patrol was the seventh joint patrol of the Syrian-Turkish border.

The ministry earlier reported that the patrol was carried out by "a total of about 50 servicemen from both states and eight military vehicles - Tigr armored cars and BTR-80 armored personnel carriers of the Russian military police and Kirpi armored vehicles of the Turkish border service - are taking part in the patrol," while a Russian Orlan-10 drone was monitoring the convoy’s movement and a Russian helicopter was conducting air patrolling of the region.

On October 9, Turkey launched a military incursion into northern Syria, codenaming it Operation Peace Spring. The goal of the military campaign is to create a buffer zone there, which is going to serve as a security belt for Turkey’s border. On October 22, Moscow and Ankara signed a memorandum of understanding consisting of 10 items, in particular the deployment of Russian military police and Syrian border service units to the Syrian side of the border with Turkey beyond the zone of Operation Peace Spring. According to this deal, they are to facilitate the withdrawal of the Kurdish units 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border.