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Putin orders developing military aviation and coherently implement development plans

According to the president, the Russian Air Force has more than 3,000 aviation vehicles

SOCHI, May 15. /TASS/. In the last five years, the Russian Forces received more than 1,000 modernized helicopters and jets, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a defense meeting on Wednesday.

"From 2013 to 2018, the troops were supplied with more than 1,000 new jets and helicopters," the President said. "As a result, more than 65% of the air fleet consists of modern aviation equipment."

In total, Putin said the Russian Air Force has more than 3,000 aviation vehicles. The majority of them are multifunctional combat systems of long-distance tactical and army aviation. He pointed out that their combat capabilities were showcased in the course of the military operation in Syria.

The Russian leader also mentioned the Su-24M attack aircraft equipped with a new targeting and navigation system which was used by regular bombs, as well as high-precision weapons which resulted in reduced usage of weapons of elimination. "Our task is to continue develop the military aviation further, clearly adhere to all the set plans, from supplying aviation equipment and last-generation weapons to the army to prepping the flying squads," Putin concluded.