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S-300, S-400 crews make over 50 launches in air defense troops’ contest in south Russia

The personnel from the Moscow Region, Crimea, Kaliningrad, Russia’s Arctic, Far East representing air defense units, Aerospace Force formations took part in the competition

ASHULUK RANGE /Astrakhan Region/, April 29. /TASS/. The crews of S-300 and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems made over 50 combat launches in the ‘Keys to the Sky’ air defense troops’ competition near Astrakhan in south Russia, the Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

"The competition involved 20 combat crews of S-400 and s-300 surface-to-air missile systems of various modifications, and also of Pantsyr-S air defense missile/gun complexes. Overall, the competition’s participants performed more than 50 combat launches of surface-to-air missiles," the ministry said.

The personnel from the Moscow Region, Crimea, Kaliningrad, Russia’s Arctic and Far East representing air defense units and formations of the Aerospace Force and military districts took part in the competition.

During the final stage of the competition, the contestants held an air defense battle, repelled a notional enemy’ air attack and performed launches against simulated aerodynamic and ballistic targets, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and hostile airborne missile armament. The crews competed in several categories, including launcher loading, driving combat vehicles, displacing and deploying military hardware using time standards and negotiating contaminated terrain. The competition’s final results were summed up in two categories.

"The crews from the Leningrad, Moscow and Irkutsk Regions became the winners and prize holders in the category of medium-and long-range systems (S-400 and S-300). The crews from the Saratov, Kaliningrad and the Primorye Regions became the winners in the category of short-range missile systems (Pantsyr-S)," the Defense Ministry said.

The "Keys to the Sky’ competition was held at the Ashuluk practice range in the Astrakhan Region for the fourth time. In 2017, Russia hosted the international stage of this competition as part of the International Army Games, which involved combat crews from Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Belarus.