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New bomber Tupolev-22M3M presented in Kazan

The Tupolev-22M3M was equipped with the newest on-board digital radio-electronic equipment

KAZAN, August 16. /TASS/. An upgraded long-range missile-carrying bomer Tupolev 22M3M was rolled out on the premises of the S.P. Gorbunov Aircraft Building Plant in Kazan on Thursday, a TASS correspondent reports from the scene.

"The first experimental Tupolev-22M3M was created under a large-scale program for upgrading strategic and long-range aircraft PAO Tupolev is working on at the moment. In the next phase the first batch of Tupolev-22M3 planes currently in service will be upgraded," Tupolev CEO Alexander Konyukhov said at the ceremony.

After the presentation the Tupolev-22M3M will enter the stage of ground and flight tests.

"The Defense Ministry will make a decision to upgrade operational planes on the basis of results of joint government certification tests. By and large the upgrade program will ensure the operation of strategic and long-range planes in the long term and effective performance of their tasks," Konyukhov said.

Upgraded plane

"In the process of profound upgrade the Tupolev-22M3M was equipped with the newest on-board digital radio-electronic equipment made of domestically manufactured components. In particular, the plane boasts new navigation, communication and targeting equipment, new engine and fuel consumption control systems and radio-electronic warfare means," the Tupolev company said.

The replacement of 80% of radio-electronics has improved the accuracy of navigation and automation of the plane’s control and made its maintenance simpler and easier. The on-board radio-electronic equipment of Tupolev-22M3M and Tupolev-160M are similar and compatible.

"The upgraded plane was also equipped with a new information and control system with digital indicators in the cockpit and the function of intellectual support for the crew," PAO Tupolev said.

The plane’s potential has been enhanced considerably. Its combat effectiveness and combat radius is far greater.

Tupolev-22M3M is a multi-role missile-carrying bomber with a variable sweep wing.

The first upgraded bombers Tupolev-22M3M will begin to be provided for the armed forces as of 2021, the head of the United Aircraft Corporation Yuri Slyusar said.