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Arctic settlement receives fuel for year-round heating

The fuel was delivered ahead of schedule due to unforeseen weather conditions

TASS, July 16. The Amderma settlement in the Arctic’s Nenets Autonomous Area received diesel fuel one month ahead of the due date, head of the local administration, Oleg Kholodov, told TASS on Tuesday.

In early April, the reserves in Amderma could last to about late May. In the Amderma settlement, which is 420 kilometers away from the regional center of Naryan-Mar and where about 600 people live, the heating season continues year-round, and in late summer fuel is usually transported by sea for a year ahead.

"We have received the fuel — 1,700 tonnes for the housing and another 100 tonnes for the local company, which serves the airport," the official said. "This consignment is bigger than what we usually obtain —  we normally get 1,500-1,600 tonnes, and, besides, the delivery is about one or two months ahead of the due date. Previously, we used to get fuel in September or in August."

In 2018, Amderma received 1,250 tonnes of fuel. "That amount should have been sufficient, but not in the unforeseen weather conditions we had," he continued. In late May, the settlement received the necessary additional fuel as transported by off-road vehicles.