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Dmitry Vinogradov who shot his six colleagues placed under arrest

Vinogradov has confessed to the crime and asked the relatives of the victims for forgiveness

MOSCOW, November 8 (Itar-Tass) — The Moscow Babushknsky district court has sanctioned the arrest of Dmitry Vinogradov — a worker of the Rigla pharmaceutical company, who was accused of murder of his six colleagues in the Rigla office in the northeast of Moscow.

Thus, the court has satisfied the investigator's petition who asked to take the defendant into custody.

A representative of the prosecutor’s office and the defendant himself supported the court resolution.

Earlier the investigation has brought an official criminal charge against Dmitry Vinogradov.

Vinogradov has been charged with murder of more than two people, a coroner announced at the Moscow Babushkinsky District court which is to pass a resolution on remand sanctions against the defendant.

Vinogradov has confessed to the crime and asked the relatives of the victims for forgiveness. "I apologize to the relatives of the victims. I feel I am guilty," the defendant said in the court building. Vinogradov said he was going to commit suicide, but "they did not let me do it,"he admitted.

Explaining the motives of his conduct, Vinogradov declared that "he saw no other way to leave this world." Vinogradov made no comment when asked whether jealousy was behind his conduct, but merely said that he repents the act.

The investigation claims the 29-year-old Dmitry Vinogradov -a lawyer of the Rigla company, opened gunfire at his colleagues in their workplaces, firing bullets from two hunting rifles. Three men and two women were shot dead on the spot, while two survivors wounded in the incident were hospitalized. Security guards of the company disarmed the shooter and informed police.

Police have not yet made public the motives of the crime, but law enforcers presume the tragedy might have been a result of a conflict between Vinogardov and a woman on staff of the company for reasons of jealousy.

One of the two survivors who received several gunshot wounds was brought to the Sklifosovsky Emergencies Hospital. After a surgery which continued for 7. 5 hours the man was brought to an intensive therapy block where he shortly died.

His colleague, a young woman wounded in the Rigla office, remains in hospital. She is in grave condition after a surgery she underwent on Wednesday. The doctors are doing everything possible to save her life, a hospital source said.

Shortly before the crime the young man released "a manifesto" in his column in one of the social blogs , saying that he hates human society and being part of it, hates human life which he considers pointless. "There is only one way to justify my life - to liquidate the biggest possible number of particles of the human compost," the assassin wrote.

The Investigative Committee appointed its most experienced detectives to investigate the group murder.