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Ukraine's presidential election

April 21, 8:00 updated at: April 22, 6:59 UTC+3

Ukrainians are flocking to the polls to cast their ballots for their next head of state

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© Anna Marchenko/TASS

Actor Vladimir Zelensky is challenging incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko for a shot at the highest political office in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian presidential race has been set up into two stages – the first round on March 31 and the runoff on April 21.

Now, the Ukrainian public will await the results of the runoff to see who will lead Ukraine in the coming years.

06:59:17 22.04.2019

Vladimir Zelensky has taken the lead in the runoff stage of the Ukrainian presidential election with 73.09% of the vote, the Ukrainian Central Election Commission informed after counting 80% of electoral ballots. Incumbent Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has received 24.57% of the vote.

03:53:21 22.04.2019

US President Donald Trump has congratulated Ukrainian presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky on his victory in the Ukrainian presidential election, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker confirmed on Twitter.

03:17:35 22.04.2019

Vladimir Zelensky is leading in the runoff stage of the Ukrainian presidential election with 73.01% of the vote after Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has counted 50% of electoral ballots. Incumbent president Pyotr Poroshenko has received 24.65% of the vote.

01:48:00 22.04.2019

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission will publish the official results of the runoff stage of the Ukrainian presidential election on April 30, deputy head of the commission Yevgeny Radchenko informed.

00:53:32 22.04.2019

The voter turnout in the election has reached 62.07%.

00:53:04 22.04.2019

Vladimir Zelensky has received 72.72% of the vote in the runoff stage of the Ukrainian presidential election, while Pyotr Poroshenko has scored 24.95%, Ukraine’s Central Election Commission said on counting 9.9% of electoral ballots.

00:35:46 22.04.2019

A senior Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky calls not to jump into conclusions about Ukraine’s course under new president.

22:31:45 21.04.2019

Zelensky has promised to come up with a plan of action to stop hostilities in Donbass.

"We will plunge into a serious information war in order to stop hostilities in Donbass. Very soon, we will announce our plan of action. We will tell everything to our journalists, bloggers," he told a briefing on Sunday evening. He refused to disclose details of the plan, saying only it will be made public soon.

21:58:54 21.04.2019

The Central Election Commission said after counting 1.24% of ballots that Zelensky is winning 70.26% of votes in Sunday’s runoff presidential elections. Poroshenko is scoring 27.39% of votes.

21:42:15 21.04.2019

Zelensky has pledged to invigorate the Minsk process to finally settle the conflict in Donbass. "In any case, we will be acting in the Normandy Four format, we will continue the Minsk process, we will reset it. I think we will make some personnel reshuffles. Anyway, we will continue the Minsk process," he said.

21:22:47 21.04.2019

Results of Ukraine’s National Exit Poll indicate that Candidate from the Servant of the People party, showman Vladimir Zelensky, is defeating incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko in Sunday’s runoff presidential elections in all regions of the country.

According to the results released immediately after the closure of polling stations, Zelensky won support of 87.7% of voters in Ukrainian eastern regions while Poroshonko was supported by 11.2% of voters.

Meanwhile, in the country’s western regions, 57% of voters supported Zelensky and 41.3% cast their voters for Poroshenko.

20:38:40 21.04.2019

Poroshenko, who, according to the exit polls, is far behind his rival Zelensky, has recognized the results of the voting but said he is not going to quit politics.

"Next month I will vacate the presidential office. This is the choice of Ukrainians. I accept this decision. But I want to stress that I am not quitting politics," he said, adding that these were fair and transparent elections held in conformity with European standards.


20:18:09 21.04.2019

According to the Nationwide Exit Poll 2019 conducted by the TSN television channel,  Vladimir Zelensky is winning 72.7% of votes. Incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko is scoring 27.3% of votes.

The exit poll was conducted at 600 polling stations, with about 20,000 voters taking part.

20:05:21 21.04.2019

Candidate from the Servant of the People party, showman Vladimir Zelensky is winning 73.2% of votes in Sunday’s runoff presidential elections in Ukraine, according to the National Exit Poll released after the closure of polling stations.

Incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko is scoring 25.3% of votes.

20:03:29 21.04.2019

Zelensky's team is preparing lawsuits on “mudflows” against the candidate and his family members. This was announced by the staff lawyer, Vadim Galaichuk.

19:43:56 21.04.2019

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said that he had voted on Sunday for "free, strong and fair Ukraine."

18:22:26 21.04.2019

Over 1,000 violations during the voting in Sunday’s runoff presidential elections in Ukraine have been reported to the police, Artyom Shevchenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian interior ministry, said.  "Most of such reports came from the Dnepropetrovsk region, Kiev and the Donetsk region. The smallest number of violations were reported from the Khmelnitskaya, Trans-Carpathian and Ivano-Frankovsk regions," he said

According to Shevchenko, 13 criminal cases have been opened over these reports, most of them linked with illegal canvassing, taking photos, spoiling ballot papers and vote buying.

17:19:37 21.04.2019

The only polling station in Ukraine that did not open in time, the one in the Donetsk region, has finally opened its doors to voters hours after the official launch of voting, head of the Ukrainian Central Elections Commission Tatiana Slipachuk reported.

Chief of Ukraine’s National Police Sergei Knyazev said earlier that only one out of 30,000 polling stations across Ukraine has stayed closed. A criminal case was initiated. According to earlier reports, the station stayed closed because members of the commission had not taken an oath.

17:17:06 21.04.2019

The Ukrainian police have received 281 complaints about violations committed during the presidential election runoff, the interior minister’s adviser, Zoran Shkiryak, told a news briefing.

The police "have received 281 complaints and messages concerning violations committed during the presidential election runoff," he said adding that illegal electioneering, photographing of ballot papers and voter bribery were the most frequent offences.

"The situation is under control," he added. Ten criminal have been opened. The rate of violations is the lowest in western Ukraine, and the highest, in the Dnepropetrovsk Region, Kiev and Donetsk.

16:03:36 21.04.2019

The highest voter turnout in Ukraine’s runoff presidential polls on Sunday is reported from the country’s central and southeastern regions, as follows from an analysis of the data from the Ukrainian Central Election Commission conducted by TASS.

Thus, as of 15:00 local time, the highest voter turnout was reported from the Dnepropetrovsk region (50.91%), Zaporozhye region (50.8%), and Poltava region (50.37%).

The lowest voter turnout is reported from the Trans-Carpathian region (29.64%), Ivano-Frankovsk and Chernovtsy regions - 37 and 34.93% respectively.

15:56:13 21.04.2019

Zelensky may be fined up to 850 hryvnias ($ 31) for displaying a completed ballot, the press service of the National Police of Ukraine said.

15:43:39 21.04.2019

Lugansk People's Republic police press service claims that Kiev forces its military to vote for Pyotr Poroshenko. 

15:31:30 21.04.2019

Kiev police came to Vladimir Zelensky's HQ to fine the presidential hopeful for demonstrating a filled ballot. 

15:12:55 21.04.2019

Voter turnout (at 3 p.m. local time) in Ukraine’s runoff election stands at 47.87%, says the Electoral Commission. 

14:49:05 21.04.2019

The number of violations during the runoff election in Ukraine climbed to 562, the Interior Ministry says.

14:19:24 21.04.2019

Mikhail Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, has cast his ballot in the election. He noted that the Ukrainians were choosing their future. 

14:09:04 21.04.2019

The voter turnout in Ukraine’s runoff presidential election reached 18.13%, says the Electoral Commission. 

13:39:34 21.04.2019

Ukraine's former president Leonid Kuchma said he pitied the man who would lead his country after the presidential election as that man would inherit the war in Donbass and the threat of default. 

13:17:22 21.04.2019

Russia’s top diplomat noted that Kiev is doing its utmost to undermine the success of the Contact Group’s work: 

12:44:41 21.04.2019

The voter turnout in the runoff election is reaching 20% in the first couple of hours, says Electoral Commission. 

12:43:26 21.04.2019

Ukraine's incumbent president Pyotr Poroshenko has cast his vote in the election. 

12:23:07 21.04.2019

A half-naked "Femen" activist has called on Zelensky to "stop raping the country". 

12:06:54 21.04.2019

Social media users share photos from Krakow, Gdansk and Lublin, where people are standing in long queues at Ukrainian consulates. 

11:47:12 21.04.2019

Russia's top diplomat Sergei Lavrov says it is still too early now to draw any conclusions about Zelensky's policy in case he wins the election. 

11:20:10 21.04.2019

Ukraine's Electoral Commission said the voter turnout at the election (11 a.m. local time) stands at 7, 93%. As follows from a report on the CEC’s website it relies on statistics from 4 of the 199 polling stations. It is expected that turnout statistics available from all polling stations at 11:00 will be reported at 13:00.

11:17:50 21.04.2019

Presidential hopeful Zelensky has cast his ballot in the runoff election in Kiev. 

10:59:51 21.04.2019

Vladimir Zelensky's team reports that the voter turnout at some polling stations is 3-5% higher than it used to be in the first round. Ukraine's Electoral Commission stated that the voter turnout stood at 62,8% during the first round of the presidential election. 

10:48:22 21.04.2019

A drunk Ukrainian tried to sabotage the voting at a polling station in Dnepropetrovsk region — he claimed to have had an explosive device in his bag. 

10:28:19 21.04.2019

Ukraine's Interior Affairs Ministry registered more than 100 violation claims during the election as of 10:00 a.m. 

10:15:45 21.04.2019

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10:00:04 21.04.2019

The US envoy in Kiev hopes that Ukrainians "will actively participate in their democracy today by voting". 

09:46:53 21.04.2019

Ukraine’s police will be on duty at 197 local election commissions and nearly 30,000 polling stations. 

09:45:48 21.04.2019

Ukraine's ambassador in Prague has posted on Twitter that the voters are eager to cast their ballots in the runoff election: 

09:42:57 21.04.2019

TASS correspondent reports that Ukrainians are demonstrating keen interest in the election. In Kiev's Darnitsky district the voters have gathered at the polls long before their opening. 

09:20:33 21.04.2019 09:04:55 21.04.2019

More than 130,000 law enforcement officers will be managing security during the elections. 

08:58:00 21.04.2019

Approximately 22,000 (instead of the announced 60,000) people attended the presidential debates held at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev on Friday evening. According to RT, the broadcast was viewed 5 mln times on various platforms. 

08:45:42 21.04.2019

According to a survey, conducted on April 6-18, 68% of Ukrainians are ready to support Zelensky and 31,6% would vote for Poroshenko. 

08:37:13 21.04.2019

Some 2,700 official observers from 20 international organizations and 21 countries have been registered to monitor the vote. 

08:31:59 21.04.2019

Ukrainians living in Australia and New Zealand cast their ballots in the presidential election. 

08:22:25 21.04.2019

Following the outcome of the first round of elections held on March 31, Zelensky soared into first place, clinching 30% while Poroshenko got 16% of the vote, thereby eliminating Timoshenko and the others to set the stage for the final duel for the presidency between the incumbent leader and the comic contender who plays the head of state on TV: 

08:19:18 21.04.2019

The polling stations will be open until 8 p.m. Ukrainians will be also able to vote at 101 ballot stations in 72 countries, except for Russia. On December 31, 2018 — the day the election campaign started — Ukraine’s Central Election Commission disbanded all five voting stations in Russia: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

08:11:53 21.04.2019

The road to the final showdown for the presidency has been filled with a great deal of hoopla and controversy: 

08:08:38 21.04.2019

About 30,000 polling stations have opened as of now. At least 26 mln Ukrainians are expected to cast their ballots in the runoff election. 

08:03:38 21.04.2019

Get to know the candidates in the Ukrainian election runoff better — here are their election programs: 

08:00:10 21.04.2019

Ukrainians all over the world head to the polls to cast their ballots for their next head of state on Sunday. 

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