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Will Grigory Yavlinsky’s Yabloko be able to make a comeback into active politics? Elections in Iran to decide if president’s reform policy has a future Gazprom set to team up with Italy, Greece in Europe-bound natural gas deliveries Russian-Japanese relations develop despite unfavorable international background UK’s "special status" blow to European Union but not devastating Should Russia get rid of its dependence on oil exports? US vs. China in South China Sea - tension more likely than full conflict Saudi Arabia and Russia are on the right track to stabilizing oil prices Russia-Ukraine truck transit war hits Europe, too Lifting Belarus sanctions element of West’s struggle with Russia over influence on Minsk Outlook for Georgia’s NATO accession remains hazy, but military aid keeps pouring in Year after Minsk-2 Accords conflict in Ukraine is frozen, settlement outlook bleak Hard times for Iraq no barriers for Moscow to strengthen economic cooperation with Baghdad Netherlands may pause Ukraine’s association with EU, but only for a while West responds with propaganda barrage to Russia’s military successes in Syria US military support for NATO allies may send tensions to new highs Turkey fans tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh trouble spot Bavaria’s prime minster goes to Moscow while Merkel’s popularity dives Why do Western media regularly predict BRICS’s early demise? Islamic banking makes its way to Russia Are ballistic missile launches to follow North Korea’s declared H-bomb test? Europeans continue flocking to Crimea despite Kiev’s annoyance Kiev dodges constitutional reform pledge, tries to find excuse West might buy Western promises to cancel sanctions are means of pressure on Russia Al-Qaeda gets more active, competes with Islamic State West hails Moldova’s new PM to prevent pro-Russian forces gain upper hand Ukraine proves unreliable partner by hiking transit prices for Russian gas Experts divided on prospects of Russian state property privatization amid crisis Experts: Lifting of anti-Iran sanctions to have only short-term impact on oil prices No way out of Moldova’s current political stalemate in sight North Korea’s H-bomb test was political gesture, not military need Russia’s law enforcers manage to reduce number of racism-fueled crimes China’s slowing economy no tragedy for economic relations with Russia Cologne attacks push Europe into right-wing radicals’ hands Russia’s plans to lift visa requirements for Georgia a step towards normalising ties Experts say China’s proposal on free trade area within SCO needs careful study Russia’s interaction with Free Syrian Army to add strength to struggle with IS Pressure on Transdniestria is meant to harm Russia Discontent grows in Europe over renewed sanctions on Russia Ukrainian authorities seeking to take Kiev Pechersk Laura away from Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainians disillusioned with national elite, hope for phantom lifeline from US Russian military presence in Arctic crucial to nation’s defense, economic interests OPEC keeps oil output quotas unchanged to beat rivals Russian president puts in a word for business Yuan’s upgrade to reserve currency matches China’s role in modern world High chances for Russia to build Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline to Europe - experts Russian experts say All-Russia People’s Front no rival for ruling party S-400 antiaircraft missile system to defend Russia’s air group in Syria Ukraine: politics harms economy What’s behind Turkey’s provocative decision to shoot down Russian bomber? Analysts: Full resetting of Russia-West relations hardly possible in near future Blasts of power transmission lines prove Kiev’s inability to keep situation under control Russian long-distance truck drivers continue protests against federal highway levy Is US liquefied gas capable of ousting Russian gas from European market? Is Islamic State’s threat to Central Asian countries real? Moscow’s offer to restructure Ukraine’s $3 bln debt means only start of uneasy talks Analysts: NATO unlikely to change strategy even if it agrees to cooperate with Russia Pre-default Ukraine to double military spending Russian rabbis call on Europe’s Jews to help ease sanctions Russian regions’ debts keep snowballing Russian regulator continues banking license revocations US uses Russia as bugbear to convince public that huge defense spending is crucial Baltic states come up with fresh demands Russia should pay for "Soviet occupation" West is changing attitude to Ukraine Labour migrants from Ukraine benefit Russian economy Oligarchs’ war in Ukraine takes new turn IMF set to help Ukraine avoid debt repayment to Russia More Europeans come to see what’s new in Russia’s Crimea BRICS countries to cooperate in introducing G5 communication standard Anti-corruption measures in Russia may force many legislators to leave their seats Assad’s election plan draws experts’ questions Xenophobia, nationalism in Russia ease over years Russia for giving Kurds a role in political settlement process in Syria Popularity of Ukraine’s ruling parties falls, right-wing radicals score points Moldova’s political deadlock: Europe, US searching for ways out Why is US military contingent staying in Afghanistan? Holy books in Russia to be immune from extremism charges Yuan gains more muscle, gets closer to challenging USD as reserve currency Russia’s higher education is getting almost universal, but quality in question Russian experts divided if US decision to lift oil export ban might hit world market Russian government approves challenging budget for 2016 What’s behind NATO’s "much ado" about routine air incident? Ukrainian gas transit: Europe leaves issue unaddressed Normandy Quartet’s Paris summit made long stride towards settlement in Ukraine Will Russia’s air strikes against IS stir domestic radicals into activity? Russia’s role in military operation against IS to be effective - analysts Russian government sets eyes on pension money as source of anti-crisis funding Russian government wants public companies to be more effective China-US relations: stabilization without breakthroughs Supporters of normalization of relations with Russia get more vocal in Georgia Analysts: Ukraine’s Right Sector strong enough to stage coup Analysts: Russian-Japanese relations show signs of thawing Food security in focus of Russia’s expert community Russia, Belarus build up strategic partnership Passions run high over need for virtual money in Russia Experts: Crimean Tatar activists’ threats to blockade Crimea nothing but PR campaign Far from everybody in Europe supports US stance on Syria Why is US fighting not against Islamic State but latter’s main opponent? Guests from the West ever more frequent in Russia’s Crimea Regional elections in Russia a test in run-up to parliamentary elections Will West take softer line as Belarusian presidential election draws near? Is Gaddafi's gloom prophecy in regard to Europe bound to be fulfilled? Western obsession with toppling Assad hinders struggle against Islamic State Moldova’s big and small political forces try to capitalize on popular protest wave Who is to blame for migration crisis in Europe? US sanctions against Russia as weapon of economic warfare US sanctions against China may entail harsh retaliation Constitutional reform in Ukraine: Poroshenko trapped between West, right radicals Housing capital repair fee angers Russians, opposition takes advantage of protests Ukraine’s prospects to repay $3 bln debt to Russia look gloomy Russian, European retired political heavyweights urge deal to ward off military threats West predicts BRIСS demise, experts disagree Experts: Russians should wait until ruble volatility gives way to stable rate Belarusian oppositionists released ahead of presidential elections Current standoff between two Koreas unlikely to grow over into major armed conflict NATO airborne forces’ military exercise produces resounding effect in Russia Russia condemns political repressions officially Russia’s import substitution policy to take years to bring noticeable results No big surprises expected from upcoming regional elections in Russia Demand for Assad’s removal may bring chaos to Syria, successes to IS Russians fear private households may have to slaughter cattle Ukraine’s ban on books by modern Russian authors arouses surprise, irony in Russia Risk of large-scale armed conflict in Transdniestria is not very high Baltic countries sustain huge economic losses from anti-Russian policies Dagestan looks determined to uproot clannish customs Poroshenko regime unable to keep oligarchs at bay Russia would like to see border of its Arctic shelf expanded World Congress of Crimean Tatars did not represent Crimea’s Tatar population Russia may admit foreign companies to deposits they discover Russians for counter-sanctions but against destruction of illegal food imports Free land allocation to Russians in Far East requires large infrastructure investment Russia steps up struggle against right-wing radicals Authorities in Kiev crack down on political rivals Russia's off-parliament opposition unlikely to drive its slogans home to population Twenty-two million Russians stay beyond poverty line Gazprom’s large-scale project plans suspended - experts Ukraine-style privatization: hypermarket with separate entrance 'For Foreigners Only' Chinese economy’s woes unlikely to cause global upheavals in coming years Kiev merely imitating adherence to Minsk agreements Will ghost towns like US Detroit appear in Russia? Experts: Russia more likely to gain from lifting sanctions on Iran Experts: Greek debt problem postponed but not resolved Ukraine’s ultranationalist Right Sector gets into Kiev authorities’ way - experts Russia’s European wine imports to stay Russian government does its utmost to let Ukrainian refugees start new life US envious of China’s strengthening but trying to prevent crisis, say experts Will Iran turn into Russia’s competitor when sanctions end? What’s between the lines of NATO defence ministers’ belligerent rhetoric? Russia should respond adequately to asset seizure in Europe - experts Experts say foreign business’s wide participation in economic forum means Russia’s success Russian experts say China’s expansion in Russia a myth "Right to be forgotten" in Internet meets mixed response in Russia Greece’s possible exit from euro area hardly to be a disaster - experts Ever more Russians see Russia Day as real holiday, not just extra day off Europe-bound Rusian gas transit via Ukraine to end in 2019 About Islamic State, youth going astray and unbaiting propaganda hooks Russia, Egypt enhance naval cooperation in Mediterranean US missiles in Europe might add chill to new edition of Cold War Analysts blame Kiev for flare-up of hostilities along disengagement line in Ukraine Russian experts condemn as blackmail Ukraine’s threats to seize Russian property abroad Analysts: Russian government continues business-friendly policy amid crisis Saakashvili as governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region may put fuse to Dniester powder keg Tajikistani special forces officer's defection to Islamic State ominous signal to Central Asia Russian Muslims’ social doctrine to bring up patriots, protect believers from radicalism Should Russia's shadow workforce pay taxes to state coffers? Is a major US-China armed clash in South China Sea a looming possibility? Russian Internet community against over-regulation, hails government help for Runet Banning transit to Transdniestria for Russian military across Ukraine is unlikely to cause problems - experts Moscow and Tokyo: is a rapprochement possible? Caucasus wedding sets tongues wagging, sparks polygyny debate among pundits What’s behind latest voyages by US diplomats to Moscow? Russia-China naval exercise in Mediterranean makes world headlines US may invite Gulf countries to build regional missile defense Moscow warns Kiev against attempts to disrupt Minsk Accords Moldovan government under fire of criticism from opponents, supporters Visit to Registrar’s Office may lose importance as family-building ritual Ukraine’s hope for financial downpour from EU fails to come true Kazakhstan’s newly re-elected president faces no easy tasks It takes carrot rather than stick to eliminate social parasitism in Russia Russians still wonder if perestroika was a curse or a blessing What prevents Russia, US from fighting against Islamic State together? Taliban-Islamic State skirmishes may go into high gear Analyst says Russia is not doing enough for its food security yet What can help Russians out of loan trap? Experts back up Putin’s appeal to top managers to make incomes public Retirement age rise speculations in focus again Russia hints its gas export strategy may get harsher Far from all inside NATO ready to follow US in its anti-Russian policies Kiev equalizes Communism to Nazism to put pressure on internal opposition Russian film-maker brothers offer to set up Russian rival to McDonald’s Russia helps Tajikistan resist penetrations by Islamic State militants from Afghanistan Pressure by critics of anti-Russian sanctions may force Brussels to take softer line Russians show no wish to leave elsewhere for good Russian Far East lures investors Donetsk and Luhansk economies start healing war scars Russian economy performs better than expected Russia’s political landscape is changing but not radically yet Russia’s accession to AIIB is new phase of Russia-China cooperation Experts call for hedging children from hazardous information Amnesty on capital is good news, but yield may prove lower than expected Analysts: ending Russian gas transit through Ukraine by 2020 is realistic Russian health reform: strategy is right but tactic sometimes fails Eurasian Economic Union unlikely to introduce common currency overnight Analysts unanimous Russia does need Islamic banking West obsessed with quest for new world order, cares little about Nazi threat - experts Involvement in China’s Silk Road project to benefit Russia Will Russia reschedule Ukraine’s debts? Syrian conflict: no light at the end of the tunnel yet Russians caught in web of debt hope for government’s helping hand Shanghai Cooperation Organization's future depends on Russian-Chinese relations Analysts praise Russia’s walkout from Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe BRICS Development Bank important project for Russia Career or hearth and home - Russian women's dilemma Russian experts optimistic about talks over Iran’s nuclear program Russophobia in Europe fuels acts of vandalism against Soviet era monuments Pundits foresee no turmoil on Russian currency market Outpacing development territories to help draw investors into Russia’s Far East Plans for creating EU’s Energy Union spell no drama for Russia Will Georgia’s looming crisis impair relations with Russia? Plans for taxing access to Internet meet unanimous protests What makes some Russian citizens go to fight for Islamic State? Russian Anti-Maidan movement set to stand up to color revolutions Commuter trains another headache for Russian authorities, millions of customers Russia’s dilemma: price control or cash handouts to needy Is there a way of making public companies more effective? Russian experts moderately optimistic about first days following Minsk-2 Will Ukraine get promised IMF aid? Russia’s Caucasus regions bar 50 Shades of Grey from movie screens Orthodox Christians involved in political standoff in Ukraine Analysts: hard-hit Russian car market will take years to recover Russian experts say decision to lay Turkish Stream pipeline is timely, sensible move Debate on allowing hijabs at schools reignited in Russia Phantom of Ukraine’s new economy and cured fatback from Germany No promises of high oil prices will ever make Russia turn its back on Assad Far-right nationalist paramilitaries in Ukraine determined to make war, not peace Half of Russia’s printed media may be gone by year-end Russia should hurry to gain food independence while import freeze stays - analyst Crimea’s economy finds new bearings amid anti-Russian sanctions Russia's anti-crisis plan to ease situation but many problems will stay Syriza’s win in Greece won’t ruin EU but will create problems for Germany Vodka prices go down in Russia Russia and NATO: foes forever? Russia warns it may leave PACE for one year Russian economists disagree with Obama’s gloom prophecies Russian authorities hope free distribution of land to stem exodus from Far East Russian Muslims protest against Charlie Hebdo - in North Caucasus, not in Moscow Leviathan: masterpiece or bid to blacken Russia and please the West? Russia’s Arctic may work as economic growth engine, if population stays Russian holiday-makers tend to choose domestic itineraries ever more often Thousands of Russia’s labour migrants are packing bags Russian experts blame Europe for being too lax towards Islamic radicals Happy New Year is Russians’ most-favoured wish forever Russians read ever less, reading stuff gets more primitive No decline in Russians’ confidence in Vladimir Putin What’s behind Russian Communists’ plans for re-creating monuments to Stalin Russian parliament demonstrates unheard-of unity in outgoing year Labour migrants start leaving Russia Problems of Customs Union partners unlikely to pose risks for Eurasian Economic Union Most Russian regions refuse to hold direct elections of city mayors Laser weaponry holding much promise for air defense forces Russians’ social sentiment dwindles but it’s no use worrying yet - psychologists Anti-corruption crusade in Russia goes on unabated Russian businesses welcome presidential initiatives with some reservations Lawmakers propose tighter grip on world web in Russia What were terrorists in Grozny aiming at? What’s up in the air that Moscow people have to inhale? Experts skeptical about outlook for Patriarch-Pope meeting in near future Russian experts see no shifts in Japan’s stance over peace treaty issue Low oil prices may help Russia shrug off dependence on raw materials export Helping millions of Russians to rise above poverty line quite a challenge Opposition to fast food in Russia looks strong and lasting Iranian nuclear problem talks: coming to terms will be ever harder Russian Orthodox Church to use secular schools for Sunday classes Euromaidan anniversary: nothing to celebrate Russians buy up buckwheat amid rumors of poor harvest Russian health service reform painful but unavoidable Backers, critics of European integration to clash in Moldova’s parliamentary election Experts sceptical opposition coalition may take shape Moscow central street emptying day after day Lie detector tests getting foothold in Russia Russian motorists at war with tow trucks Russia needs effective remedy against fake drugs Russia is about to adopt anti-offshore measures Russian Muslims and ISIL factor Flow of Ukrainian refugees may surge again but Russian authorities say they’ll manage Migrants from Central Asia bring radical Islam to Russia Sweden’s recognition of Palestinian state important emblematic step for Palestinians Russia remembers victims of political repression Lawmakers, medics urge compulsory treatment of tuberculosis Russian convicts help counter effects of foreign sanctions Most Russians don’t care about dollar rate or cancelled foreign trips Ukraine’s elections to have no major effect on overall situation Russia’s 2015-2017 budget relies on optimistic forecasts Government against total control of world web but wants to manage domestic segment Russia’s fast-tracked health service reform sparks protests Russian antipedophile crusaders say child abusers must carry lifetime label Aggression, hostility common among Russians Russia’s Far East to enjoy unprecedented benefits Russia warns of soaring neo-Nazi threat in Europe Russia goes ahead with struggle against smoking delicately but persistently Ramzan Kadyrov - popular blogger and karate black belt holder Russia’s kids may be forced to draw knowledge from "average" books in "average" schools Only international efforts can save Ukrainian economy - experts Many Russians disapprove of dual citizenship, but one in seven would like to have it Russia to optimize state programs Russia is first to have ratified Eurasian Economic Union treaty Russian experts do not expect further sharp decrease of oil prices European countries should study Russia’s experience of keeping anti-Semitism at bay Senior citizens enjoy Russian government’s growing care Synthetic drugs conquer Russia North Korea goes on peace offensive Pain relievers for oncologic patients break through bureaucratic hurdles Legislators vs psychics saga continues unabated Belarus between Russia and West Foreign participation in Russian mass media to be restricted to 20% in 2016 Removing Russia from SWIFT will also affect foreign economies, experts say Crimea: six months within Russia Most Russians want capital punishment back Special status for parts of Luhansk, Donetsk regions paves way for Ukrainian settlement Travel agencies keep going bankrupt, Russians travel independently Ban on imports of western clothes may hit Russian economy Inspection of combat readiness of troops begins in Russia’s Far East Russian-German relations face uneasy time Russians eager to say NO to GMOs Russian authorities set to prevent food price growth US seeking to entangle Asian countries into sanctions against Russia Ukrainians turning Russian Chinese investments on the rise, Russia ready for broader cooperation Russia determined to prevent banned food re-export via third countries More than third of Russians involved in shadow economy Kiev determined to reclaim its share of Soviet Union property Russia to lend agricultural producers a hand Can the EU dissuade Latin America from expanding exports to Russia? Russia contributes to Nagorno-Karabakh detente Russia will develop economies of Crimea and Sevastopol to have them reach levels of country’s other regional economies Saving tourism business in Russia Western media reluctant to cover Ukrainian crisis impartially Russians may soon say goodbye to US bourbon whiskey Russian companies opt for Hong Kong dollar as new reserve currency Monasteries pulled down in Stalin times to be restored in Kremlin Crimea expects winemaking boom Russia launches probe into US fast food quality Israeli operation in Gaza Strip to hardly last long - experts Ukraine’s potential privileged US partner-status political, not military step - experts Western countries are unlikely to defend Ukrainian communists - experts End of military ties with Russia promises Europe no gains Moscow metro emergency and human factor Specter of China’s seizing Siberia, Far East totally implausible - experts Crimea beats Europe as vacation destination for Russians Russian experts apportion full blame for Malaysian jet crash to Ukrainian authorities Do sanctions bode ill for Russia? BRICS summit decisions may change world economic climate Experts: Ban on car imports for government needs a right measure Ukrainian refugees’ integration would benefit Russia - experts Afghanistan on the brink of major crisis Western money not to save Ukraine from default Baikal-Amur railway continuation advantageous for Russia - experts Russians to be obliged to store their personal data only on domestic servers Did Latvia benefit from EU integration? EU association offers Moldova grim prospects Russian car market continues to contract Volgograd or Stalingrad - debates over city name continue unabated Russians will soon have to report dual nationality Russian-North Korean relations are in phase of renaissance Russia welcomes flow of refugees from Ukraine’s southeast Crimea goes for ruble earlier than planned No more smoking in public places in Russia from June 1 Russia prepares to tighten grip on Internet Japan’s sanctions and future of Russian-Japanese relations in focus Russian economy on stabilization path - business circles Russia promises to help regions out of debt pit Russian state company launched own controversial search engine Why Russia forgives debts Communists press for re-investigation of former defense minister Serdyukov Russian-Chinese military training as part of strategic partnership Russia argues whether a Soviet-era pioneer organization should be restored Descendants of ex-Soviet Germans saying they would like to return to Crimea Russia determined to put more muscle into Black Sea Fleet over next six years Russia set for national payment system but Visa, MasterCard will stay Donbass will do without Ukraine, hardly vice versa - experts Russia has no plans to annex Transdniestria, though opposes economic embargo MPs urge Russian state companies to stop sponsoring foreign sports clubs Americans are told to stay aware of Russian hackers Russian president formulates state’s policy on the Internet Unsinkable Zhirinovsky in epicentre of high-profile row again Presidential election to bring about no significant change in Syria - analysts New law restricts rights of Russian bloggers Labor migrants in Russia to be required by law to learn Russian Sending oil prices down unprofitable for Saudi Arabia, Russia believes Russian food security to remain unscathed by Western sanctions - experts Russians pay with their health and lives for poor-quality food Russia to remove tests from unified state exam procedure Cell phones of Russian officials to be protected from eavesdropping Russian authorities plan to socialise Gypsies Russian authorities vow to protect people from GMO foods Russia to punish attempts to exonerate Nazism as a crime Deteriorating economic situation fuels mass protests in Venezuela Russia keeps pressing for reunification of "Russian world" Russia-ASEAN: cooperation is on the rise Western sanctions to promote Russian economic development Casinos may be opened in Crimea Muslim Brotherhood no longer serious political force in Egypt - experts 'Nationalization of Elites’ process gains momentum in Russia USSR’s Ready for Labor and Defense fitness promotion system reincarnates Counterfeit alcohol keeps killing Russians Russia creating combatant androids of Avatar type Russia’s Far East is attractive for Asian investors Adaptation to Russian reality ahead for Crimea Generic drugs: are they a benefit or a problem? China’s stance on Ukrainian issue means support for Moscow Problem of hazardous accommodation worsening in Russia Russia revives sobering-up stations Russian space exploration projects to be insured against risks Russians find electromagnetic radiation increasingly worrisome Politics not to hamper success of Sochi Paralympics Ukrainian crisis can put a question mark over Russian gas supplies to Europe New tougher punishment for terrorism afoot in Russia It will be easier to receive Russian citizenship soon Tensions in Crimea soar Russians convert their savings to dollars and euros Last year’s rocketing outbound tourism rates to entail problems in 2014 season Two lives of Soviet intelligence agent Yelena Kosova Russian school students will be forced to take exams honestly Fast food conquers Russia, brings obesity Gays plan sport games in Moscow, no gay prosecution in Russia, say authorities Russian society split in two over monument to Soviet initiator of mass terror Crimea seeks broader autonomy, asking Russia to act as guarantor Russia is steadfast in its intention to develop Far East Russian society in dismay over country’s first-ever school shooting No surrogacy for gays and single men - Russia set for a bill Russian Orthodox Church gets increasingly political - experts Ministers, governors to be fined for failing to implement presidential decrees Russian car market used to see better times Ph(oney)D dissertation rows keep hitting media headlines Russia's inet shopaholics to brace for EUR 150 monthly cap on duty-free package import Massive sackings at Russia's largest carmaker Russia set to take fingerprints from all arriving foreigners WEF recommends investing in best Russian regions Muscovites find new generation high-tech street toilets crammed with puzzles Russian government ready to pay for talented youth studying abroad Paid parking lots split Muscovites into two camps Adoption of orphaned children increasing in Russia Excited pilgrims in Moscow, St Pete spend long hours in line to touch Christian relic Russia's Central Bank opts to control inflation, not to support ruble Russian dog hunters mark unofficial celebration with new atrocities Winter finally back in European Russia Russians increasingly distrustful of courts: what can reverse this trend? The rich also get divorced Russian universities being tested for efficiency Kalashnikov: I will be the first to shake hands with the one who makes a better rifle Russia to ban Norwegian fish imports, yet not entirely Russian authorities to step up struggle with corruption in state administration GMO debates rage unabated in Russia Russian children to be protected from scenes of violence and debauchery West refreshes Russia’s enemy image Russian opposition activist establishes social-democratic party Russian ruble acquires official symbol but keeps falling Smoking ban not effective thus far Russia’s first foreign investment promotion agency coming up West stakes Ukraine’s future on Klitschko Russian human rights organisations to be state financed Official forecasts bode prolonged stagnation of Russian economy Overhaul pending in Russian space sector Who burns Orthodox churches in Tatarstan and why Russian authorities push ahead with efforts to ease migration problem Experts urge all-out struggle against radical Islam in Russia Russia's Duma proposes criminal penalty for faked medications Russian legislators want state corporations to be banned from funding sports clubs Russian-Georgian relations improve, but slowly Ukraine postpones EU association agreement; prospects look vague Risk of dollar ban stirs fears in Russian society Roundly criticized Russian Post set for reform Navalny’s election as People’s Alliance leader fuels uncertainty inside opposition Russia, Egypt seek to develop military-technical cooperation Toss and turn between Russia and EU may come at price for Ukraine Russian government tries to tackle mono-industrial towns problem EU summit starts off with surveillance scandal Row over counterfeiters caught for depositing fakes through ATMs subsides Russia plans further development of its Arctic regions. Russia prepares large-scale system of public control over authorities Visas for guest workers won’t resolve Russia’s inter-ethnic problems, analysts say Kiev addresses Moscow with fresh demand for lower price of gas Russia among world leaders in terms of income inequality Lithuania complains to EU about what it claims is Russia’s trade war Russians in no hurry to adopt orphans, while government does its best to ease this problem Oboronservis fraud probe goes on, but some key suspects may be set free soon Security at Sochi Olympics to be high without inconveniences to athletes, viewers Presence of Russian base in Tajikistan prolonged for another 30 years Public companies to get tax, customs benefits to extract hydrocarbons offshore Dozen ways to ward off autumn blues and woes Work on standard Russian history manual proves really daunting task Oppositionists featured in May 2012 Moscow riot case may be amnestied Russians get restaurant-minded, but one in two has never dined out yet Russian bureaucrats may have to use cheaper cars, possibly domestic brands Opposition figurehead Navalny ready to lead party of his supporters Privatization in Russia gets stuck in quagmire Experts: Iran shows readiness to “take steps” regarding its nuclear program Russia freezes Moldovan wine import; Chisinau, EU suspect politics If Ukraine opts for EU, Customs Union will slam its door shut One year of WTO membership - are results consoling for Russia? Spending on office cars for civil servants must be slashed Government to slash spending on North Caucasus government machinery Most Russians are indifferent to 1991 coup attempt, many have not heard about it at all Russians still go to Egypt on vacation, realizing this may end soon Rumours of Russian Customs’ boycott of Ukrainian goods groundless Jurors’ competencies may be cut again LGBT problems unlikely to interfere with Sochi Olympics, but some others may crop up Russia produces vodka, USA wastes it Russian government embarks on struggle with illegal migration Russian legislators may throw protecting veil over journalists Russia to open important deposits to 25%-foreign-owned companies Lawmakers to teach school teachers to dress well, mind their manners Many Russians indignant over guilty verdict for rural teacher convicted of bribery Attack on Moscow policeman by man from Caucasus enflames Russia Law on curbing Internet piracy about to take effect Russia continues to set free business people under economic amnesty act Aeroflot to create its own low-cost carrier Militants from Russia’s North Caucasus fighting for the Syrian opposition Law on fans should put end to disorders at stadiums Russian Public Television living through times of financial problems Russians point out migrants as biggest threat to themselves Russian economy stagnating, authorities admit Legal output of vodka sliding in Russia but Russians drinking as much as always Russian authorities to put an end to ‘cribbing’ in theses Russia prepares measures against drunken debauchees onboard airplanes Change of guards at Bolshoi brings up hopes for theater’s pullout from crisis Russia takes new steps to improve its image abroad Both ministers and experts doubt Russia's 2014-2016 budget is realistic Russian space industry disastrously ill Terrorists threaten to disrupt 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Georgia’s Oct 31 presidential election to lower curtain on Saakashvili era Russian government’s science academy reform runs into academicians’ resistance Insulters of believers’ feelings may turn up in jail in Russia now North Caucasus authorities do their utmost to uproot kidnappings of brides - to little avail so far Russia faced with seasonal outbreak of meningitis serosa Russian drivers to be allowed to have slight alcohol content in blood Orthodox Christians in Russia are many, true believers few Economic amnesty sends positive signal to business Russian NGOs look for loopholes to bypass foreign agents law Moscow shows no enthusiasm over Obama’s call for nuclear arms cuts Environment-unfriendly Baikal pulp and paper mill to be closed down Russian authorities set course towards weaker ruble Russian Internet sector worried over anti-piracy bill Russian president urges to make budget expenditure more effective Putin-led People’s Front for Russia - supra-party resource uniting society Writing canonical history of Russia no easy task, as controversies are too many Anti-corruption campaign in Russia gaining momentum, people skeptical Deputies plan to increase fines for propaganda of homosexuality Unified state exam at Russia’s high schools goes on to accompaniment of major rows Arrest of influential North Caucasus politician would make good thriller Russian president receives ‘political commandoes’ Newly elected president of Russia’s Academy of Sciences to carry out radical reform Museum of New Western Art likely to be recreated in Moscow only virtually Amnesty for economic crimes - authorities for, people against Gunmen continue to commit crimes in Dagestan Ever more NGOs in Russia are given ‘foreign agent’ status Most Russians positive about first year of Putin’s third presidency More Russians prefer unemployment benefits to working UFOs delight tourbiz CFOs Why Orthodox believers are converting to other Christian denominations Moscow’s own ‘hyde parks’ opening up but radicals still dissatisfied. Vladimir Putin holds his eleventh on-line question-answer session on TV Mandatory school uniform stages comeback in Russia Clouds loom over Russian education minister’s future Russian Presidential Council for Human Rights offers to abolish law on NGOs Russia to impose strict limits on “golden parachutes” to CEOs Debate over permissible alcohol content in driver’s blood draws to an end Russian prime minister briefs State Duma on Cabinet’s first year in office Russia warns Tajikistan it may tighten control of train traffic but eases stance after a while Russian state officials give harsh response to Magnitsky List, but experts not inclined to dramatise situation Proposals again made in Russia to declare amnesty for economic crimes Authorities promise Russia’s Buddhists their full support Russia plans to make VIP limousines for its officials Slow-working Russian Post remains sitting duck for clients’ anger Thousands Russian-speakers take Total Dictation to check their spelling and grammar skills Experts say parliamentary crisis in Ukraine unlikely to bring up revolution Half of Russians are employed in shadow economy Putin deals another powerful blow against corruption Russian government has no intention to help private depositors harmed by Cyprus crisis All-Russia People’s Front not turning into new power-holding party yet Russian govt says inspections at NGOs are part of ‘routine reviewing’ Human rights activists, western countries find checks of Russian NGOs worrisome Russia’s new elite must consist of people indifferent to material values Russia’s financial losses in Cyrpus are anyone’s guess Russian animal defenders protest against extermination of stray pets Expert opinions on Russian premier’s proposal to set up offshore zone mixed People often quit jobs in search of thrill, not bonanzas Russia’s bloggers help authorities expose forged dissertations Moscow angry at EU’s wish to solve its problems with Russian money in Cyprus Russia’s child, teenage suicide rates highest in Europe A Just Russia party expels oppositionists hoping to mend relations with authorities Smoldering territorial dispute between Chechnya, Ingushetia in headlines again Higher social insurance taxes ruin Russia’s small businesses Russian civil servants will be taught to be honest High profile crime at Moscow’s Bolshoi still in headlines Personality of Stalin still of interest to Russians 60 years after his death Bill tightening registration rules meets with firm resistance all over Russia Government’s attempts to curb housing tariff growth might aggravate sectoral problems Russian bloggers comb Internet in search of traces of legislators’ property. Saakashvili against resumption of Georgian wine export to Russia Depardieu gets more property in Russia Russian Communist Party brings young blood in its leadership, leaving self-perpetuating leader at helm of party Russia’s ruling party self-purging to bring down popular discontent Arrests of oppositionists, suspected of disorders at rallies, resumed Exposure makes senior functionary of Russia’s ruling party quit seat in parliament Foreign nannies ever more in fashion with Russia’s rich Russian citizens to place theses on Internet Russia’s drug addicts may have to undergo compulsory treatment Russia adopts harsh anti-smoking law Moscow reluctant to import US meat Russians argue about death penalty again Russia begins to sell tickets to 2014 Sochi Olympic Games Russia will not set clocks back to restore ‘winter time’ for the time being With Internet gaining wide influence in Russia, authorities seek to step up control over it On anniversary of Battle of Stalingrad Russians argue whether heroic city should be renamed after bloody tyrant Rules of early termination of legislators’ powers may be eased Russians curious who is to blame for death of opposition activist Dolmatov Moscow intends to expand its Arctic zone Russian corruption scandals seem to be endless Far from all in Russia support partial cancellation of direct gubernatorial elections Ethnic Russians will soon find it easier to get Russian citizenship Many regard tighter registration rules as comeback of Soviet-era residence permit Russians annoyed by media ballyhoo over crime lord murder US Hasidic Jews continue dispute with Russia over Schneerson collection Russian automotive market exceeds pre-crisis level Legislators consider banning profane vocabulary from mass media Russian protesting movement is not on decline, but becoming less politicized Russians “don’t notice” 90th anniversary of Soviet Union’s foundation Opinions clash again over ban on adoptions of Russian children in US Depardieu’s Russian citizenship triggers mixed comments Russians mark end of the world on Stalin’s birthday in same-name bunker Putin backs Duma’s ban on US adoptions as response to US Magnitsky Act Duma bans Russian child adoptions in US in response to Magnitsky Act Struggle against corruption seems to be easing - analysts Moscow authorities about to let Muslims build more mosques Money allocated for North Caucasus development to be less than expected Putin identifies political reform guidelines, promises to go ahead with purifying authorities Debates underway in Russia whether Constitution needs amending Split not threaten Russian Communist Party, its leader not under threat of dismissal Medvedev discusses corruption, tighter legislation, Opposition with TV journalists Russia may have only government-run lotteries again soon South Stream gas carrier will begin to be laid December 7 Anti-corruption crusade in Russia - “chop off one head, two will grow back” Russian authorities want to make rouble CIS’ regional reserve currency Russian opposition getting ready for protest action on December 15 End of the world craze angers scientists, legislators, helps small biz make money Caucasus-born athlete guilty of negligent homicide is set free, nationalists vow revenge Campaign against hard drinking in Russia starts bearing fruit Russian Cossacks want to have more say in Russia’s social and political life New Georgian leader not intend to visit Moscow All-Russia People’s Front seeks to become independent political force Draft dodgers may be barred from civil service jobs Russia is wondering what may stop soccer fan violence Russia to enact law on non-governmental organizations as foreign agents Uncontrolled inflow of migrants harmful for Russian economy Wave of corruption scandals overwhelms Russia Russia begins to introduce censorship in Russian Internet segment Russian-Iraqi arms deal under threat of annulment Many people recall stagnation era with nostalgia 30 years after Brezhnev’s death Russia’s ‘Breivik’ suffers from depression, hates humanity Moscow glad to see Obama’s victory but stays aware of problems in relations Many prestigious Russian colleges acknowledged as ineffective; some may be shut down Nationalists celebrate most actively new Russian holiday — Day of National Unity Russian economy already in crisis, analysts say Radical Islam threatens Russia’s republic of Tatarstan A Just Russia party loses strength Moscow’s dog owners say no to dog hunters Experts think Sunday's election will not change Ukrainian-Russian relations Georgia, Russia may mend trading, cultural relations soon - Ivanishvili Just-elected Coordinating Council to lend legitimacy to Russian Opposition Rosneft to become world leader in terms of hydrocarbon reserves production Kremlin wants its new department to teach Russians to love their country Plans to relocate Russian government outside Moscow end in fiasco Russia writes off Africa’s debts Russian physics students will study theology EU reluctant to lift visa formalities from Russian holders of service passports Low turnout – key feature of last Sunday’s regional elections in Russia Pussy Riot band to go ahead with its activity, says released feminist Serbia thrusts door open to Russian ruble Tbilisi-Moscow relations to get slightly better after Georgian opposition takes power Health Ministry for higher tobacco excise tax, experts warn of social discontent risks Russia-Tajikistan relationship is getting onto the normal track Russian MPs pondering punishment for rasping believers' feelings Gudkov case stirring wide public response Presidential decree to help Gazprom in standoff with European Commission Russian elite may be forced to say goodbye to foreign properties Municipal filter hampers opposition candidates at gubernatorial polls Scandals continue bedeviling Russian Orthodox Church Clouds are looming on Gazprom’s horizon Chechnya-Ingushetia territorial dispute may throw Caucasus off balance Many question future of Skolkovo science cluster Not only Berezovsky, but also Russia allegedly loses trial in London, experts claim All-Russia People’s Front distancing itself from United Russia party Bomber who killed Dagestani theologian was Russian actress married to Wahhabi Preparations for APEC summit practically over Russian authorities versus xenophobia A Just Russia party opening hostilities against ‘power-wielding party’ Opposition nominates its candidate for Khimki mayor Nationalism is becoming Russia’s ever more acute problem Political scientists look back on first 100 days of Putin’s presidency Russian “Greens” register parties, preparing for elections Police reform in Russia continues under new interior minister Rumored killing of Russian general in Syria proves media canard Russian space industry laden with failures Russian rock musician urges president to combat corruption Governor of Russia’s southern region wants to stop migrants from North Caucasus New liberal parties emerge along with disagreements between liberals Experts concerned over church with unique frescos passed to ROC Work of Russian Post raises grounded claims Drought in Russia is destroying harvest Handguns offered to legalize to protect people from criminals Russians mistrust television to larger extent Italy to join tourist cluster project in North Caucasus Foreign-funded mass media might share foreign agent status with foreign-sponsored NGOs A Just Russia at crossways Russian oppositionists preparing action in support of arrested pals Russia’s CSTO partners want more money for Russian military bases Russia’s Internet community fears possible censorship of the net State Duma ratifies protocol on Russia’s joining WTO Defamation claims to return to Russia’s Criminal Code Duma OKs first reading of restrictions on NGO activities Ukrainian-Russian relations to benefit from law on status of Russian language Bill tightening rules for foreign-funded NGOs may cause public discontent Russian authorities translate e-democracy into life Russians put strength of law on rallies to test President suggests reform of upper house of parliament. Unidentified hooligans unleash war against city busses Presidential council for human rights on brink of collapse More expats have prestigious jobs in Russia Problems springing up in the way of Moscow City’s enlargement Pussy Riot punk band members remain under arrest Legal experts suggest raising lowest marriageable age to 21 years With liberalized party registration rules, Kremlin seeks to dilute opposition-correction Moscow against linking cancellation of Jackson-Vanik amendment with Magnitsky list Organizers and authorities satisfied with rally in Moscow Unified system of fighting forest fires has not been created in Russia to this day President alone can veto bill on violations at rallies Multi-millionaire Prokhorov vows to create party of new type, many feel curious New RF ministry offers special state administration in Far East Unified National Exam for school leavers remains highly unpopular in Russia Bill on punishment for abuse at rallies gets harsher Careless remarks about Prophet Mohammed could cost journalist his life Government acknowledges military-industrial complex was plundered Growing wages in public sector make government jobs attractive for Russian youth Prime Minister Medvedev distributes duties among his deputies Putin moves his former ministers to presidential staff Russia’s new government shows continuity with predecessor - analysts Russian smokers to face hard times RF reshuffles governors before gubernatorial election law enacted No nation-wide laws on fines for propaganda of homosexuality to be adopted Problems of Europe’s Nabucco gas pipeline project give Russia good chance Civil protests in Russia take new forms RF wants to set up state corp to push econ develt in Siberia, Far East Russia’s protest movement spreads to provinces Russia finds Iran’s plans to use Caspian water for irrigation worrisome Russia believes re-investigating Katyn again makes no sense Prisoners of conscience in Belarus released over Western pressure Russia’s top ranking officials declare incomes and soon will have to declare expenditures Russian space industry crisis in focus on Cosmonautics Day Local hunger strike in Astrakhan grows into federal-scale problem Medvedev hurries to implement idea of Greater Moscow ROC declares war on "anti-church forces" Russia’s former finance minster sets up right-of-center think tank Putin vows to make civil servants ride about in Russia-assembled cars Putin’s All-Russia People’s Front may replace ruling party Ruling party suffers more losses in mayoral elections Russia plans stricter punishment for money laundering Anti-gay campaign gaining nationwide status in Russia VIP apartment of ROC Patriarch in focus of growing row. Torture has become standard practice in Russian police Row over feminists’ escapade in Orthodox cathedral grows Authorities seek to liberalize political life, but opposition still unhappy Medvedev says anti-corruption struggle yields results, experts disagree People in Russian provinces protest not on the streets but at the polls Experts’ opinions are divided over Russian army reform Pension system worst problem of Russian economy Russia to help Athens by buying 'made in Greece' Russian off-parliament opposition changes tactics Experts are discussing composition of Russia’s future government Pentagon reluctant to sever contract for supply of Russian copters to Afghanistan Attitude to feminists’ escapade in Russian church is mixed Protest movement in Russia seems to be subsiding Two “P” and oPPosition in Russia Protest movement in Russia seems to be Putin’s chief rival Russia may gain a lot from Belarus-EU conflict Experts see no aggressiveness in Putin’s foreign policy article Popular Russian nationalist in government creates new movement Yet another critical media outlet faces problems Russian authorities enter into dialogue with radical opposition Russia hopes the world will hear Russian speakers in Latvia Will the shoo-in for the Russian presidency win in the first round? Moldova and Romania to build up integration Row over Echo of Moscow radio station stirs Russian society Leaders of unregistered opposition party press for liberal wing’s unity Authorities turn to social networks Russia sees daunting increase in adolescent suicide rates Benefits of the Artctic Ice Thaw Questionable Reliability of Gazprom as EU’s main gas provider in question Russian authorities respond to the opposition's demonstrations Dissenters to demonstrate on weekend again, but Putin likely to win in first round Russia-Georgia relations gradually heal Bankruptcy of the Russian travel agency brings industry crisis into limelight Phobos-Grunt’s loss due to computer error, not external factors Russia’s off-parliament opposition seeking to unite Exotic names for children getting ever more popular in Russia WikiLeaks founder to host show on Russian TV, if not jailed Russians prefer to pop corks at home to salute New Year, get used to long holidays New Dniester leader beats Moscow-backed rival, but vows to be pro-Russian After mass rally Russian elites are looking for way out of crisis After mass protests Russian authorities propose liberal political reform Medvedev in message to parliament suggests reform of political system Moscow sees CSTO as reliable screen from western, southern threats Putin wants all companies to be tested for corruption, starts with energy industry RF president calls for renewal of political system, ruling party Russian authorities pledge cardinal reform of political system Election returns reflect real line-up of forces in country - Putin Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov returns to politics Civil society awakens in Russia: what next? Opposition plans large protest action, Putin not against dialogue within legal framework. 20 years after breakup of USSR Russians tend to idealize Soviet era Fair Russia’s success is one of parliamentary election sensations Ruling party to have to join coalitions, agree with opposition Electoral intrigue: how many votes will go to United Russia? Level of corruption in Russia is down, but only slightly South Ossetia is faced with risk of ‘color revolution’ Launch of GLONASS sat interrupts string of Russia’s space failures Public excitement about Christian relic exposes social ills of Russian society – experts Medvedev’s missile defense statement tough but nothing new-experts Psychics are said to help law enforcers investigate crimes Election campaign progressing with little interest from people Russia-Tajikistan conflict over convicted pilot goes into high gear ‘Kremlin prot·g·’ and ‘protest candidate’ finish neck and neck in S Ossetian vote Russia finally joins World Trade Organization Russia opposed to sanctions on Iran, warns Israel against military conflict Launch of Nord Stream spells economic, political benefits for Russia Average wage in Russia barely enough to survive United Russia wants to raise status of Russian language at home&abroad