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Inter-Syrian talks as follow-up of Syria truce meet Russian, US interests European Union unable to shape common migration policy Syria truce plan crushes Turkish president’s aggressive intentions Russia-US truce plan for Syria promises no push-button solutions Brussels-London rifts add to EU migration crisis "H-hour" looming for Syria Political bargaining lets Ukraine’s 'lame duck' prime minister stay in office for now Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis may be outlawed for extremism After Munich, world leaders strive to prevent crisis from spiraling out of control Ceasefire in Syria is desirable but hardly achievable goal IMF disenchanted with Ukraine’s unpreparedness to fight corruption, continues feeding it Is danger from the "right" awaiting Europe amid migration crisis? Munich Security Conference to continue East-West blame game North Korea may have level one nuclear weapons World looking forward to meeting between Moscow Patriarch, Pope of Rome Saudis provide cover for Turkey to start military operation in Syria Ankara fans tensions with Moscow in pursuit of selfish ends in Syria Ukraine’s corrupt presidential team ejects competent outsiders European tolerance is undergoing viability test Who was Mr. Yeltsin? Hurdles to Syrian peace: bringing irreconcilable parties to negotiating table OPEC, Russia highly likely to decide on oil output cuts Anti-crisis plan: what can Russia do to prop up its economy and survive? Lenin still controversial figure in Russia US desperate to snatch initiative away from Russia in fighting Islamic State Litvinenko row to go the way political winds blow Valdai Club sees West-Eurasia balance as desirable picture of 21st century world IS confirms butcher Jihadi John is dead, hopes to lure in more violence-prone crazies Analysts: West-Russia compromise essential to easing economic risks China bids for increasing presence in Middle East Eastern Europe-Old World rifts are root causes of current EU crisis Investment stimulation as key task for Russian economic growth Russia has no plans for quasi-state in Syria, contrary to Erdogan’s claims Saudi Arabia hopes to elbow Iran out of Syrian settlement talks Analyst: Europeans should beware "dehumanization" of part of Ukrainian society Tiger-Goat Duo rockets to stardom in Russian cyberspace Support for Crimean Tatars’ extremist organizations to boomerang on Turkey Syrian army’s offensive against Islamic State: tactical success or turn of tide? Closer Russia-Iran cooperation to change geopolitical situation in Middle East Russia supports Kurds who fight against terrorist Islamic State in Syria With loss of Russian market Ukraine’s crisis exit prospects look bleak It takes action by all signatories to implement Minsk Accords on Ukraine UN SC resolution turns Russia, West into allies in Syrian settlement Privatization of state corporations could solve number of problems in Russian economy US oil export, Federal Reserve’s higher key interest rate to cause no shock Analysts: Saudi Arabia’s anti-IS coalition of Muslim states remains on paper Focus on high-precision weapons boosts Russia’s competitive edge on global arms market Analysts: Russian army shows qualitative growth OSCE systemic crisis caused by political bias, orientation towards US Analysts: Intrusion in Iraq shows Turkey’s intention to redraw Middle East Clerics, public figures to present common front against DAESH recruiters IMF’s dilemma: to help or not to help Ukraine, if Kiev defaults Ankara’s intrusion into Iraq is yet another act of defiance of international law Russian experts about likely participants in ground operation against Islamic State Russia ready to fight terrorism together - key foreign aspect of Putin’s address Progressive tax regime a double-edged sword for Russia Closing Syrian-Turkish border is crucial but hardly achievable goal - analysts Turkey blackmails EU with flow of illegal migrants Russia-France agreement to coordinate anti-terror efforts no breakthrough, but progress Moscow’s retaliation for downed Sukhoi-24M will depend on what Ankara does next Moscow, Tehran build bridge of cooperation in energy, struggle with terrorism Attack against Russian Sukhoi-24 was not accidental, says retired general Analysts says German-Russian relations must develop an upturn Experts hope for success of talks on global anti-terror coalition Russia’s food embargo on Ukraine aims to protect domestic market Russian air carriers to tighten security after A321 terror act G20 summit promotes unanimity in struggle with terrorism More tragedies to follow Paris massacre if humanity fails to present common front African officials far from enthusiasm about EU plans to check migrant flows Debates on higher retirement age picking pace in Russia US decision to prolong sanctions against Iran is show of muscles - analysts Analysts consider London’s demarche to be response to Russia’s independent foreign policy Analysts: Kiev needs tensions in Donbas as excuse for belt tightening Kosovo’s UNESCO application is attempt to gain independence by hook or by crook Russia takes another long stride to bring Syrian settlement nearer Experts suspect metal fatigue, engine failure or blast on board in A321 Egypt plane crash Analysts: Syrian settlement process in Vienna shows signs of progress Experts say US plans to boost influence in Central Asia to spite Russia, China Iran’s invitation to talks on Syria is Russia’s long-term diplomatic success Russian expert blames Montenegro protests on authorities’ defiance of public opinion US ship’s visit to South China Sea is show of muscle before Obama’s visit to region Disruption of air links is part of big game to tear Ukraine away from Russia Russia sees future Syria as united country with restored economy Russia, US move along same track to build up smart weapons potentials What brought Assad to Moscow? Nuclear program deal to propel Iran into position of Muslim world leader Expert: Russia, US should seek balance of rivalry and cooperation to avoid new cold war EU shifts from tolerance to border protection from migrants US is arming Syrian opposition in order to drag Russia into prolonged war - analyst Analysts say Kiev authorities in fact team up with Islamic State Belarusian president to seek balance in relations with Russia, Europe - analysts Ankara blasts to affect general election, not Turkey’s stance over Syria - analysts Russian missile strikes against IS in Syria hit Pentagon, NATO on rebound - analysts Assad’s future remains apple of discord among parties to Syria’s crisis Plans for hiding names of property owners from public scrutiny in focus Trans-Pacific Partnership: US economy pulls blanket over itself Logic of events may spread Russia’s operation against IS from Syria to Iraq Media war against Russia’s air strikes on IS aimed at ousting Russia from MidEast Kiev’s ban on flights by Russian air carriers backfires on Ukrainian passengers Russia’s air operation in Syria against IS puts an end to monopolar world - expert Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria to help preserve country’s statehood Russia’s growing role in Middle East sparks attention worldwide - expert Russian experts certain about further Russia-US dialogue Putin’s idea of coalition against IS focal issue at UN General Assembly - expert Incredible inflow of refugees driving EU to institutional crisis Analysts say Russia’s Muslims profess moderate European Islam, condemn radicals Russia’s efforts to counter Islamic State threat draw world-wide attention Russia's Komi governor, his entourage arrest sends Thou Shalt Not Steal warning to elites Russia, US to create precedent for interaction over Syria, struggle with IS Republican presidential TV debates: attitude to Russia unfriendly, but with silver lining Reform of China’s public companies to fuel economic growth Analysts: Islamic State is turning into quasi-state, not without foreign assistance NATO center opening in Georgia may worsen situation in South Caucasus US demarche against No. 3 in Russian politics harms bilateral relations MAKS-2015 brims with evidence Russia remains among aircraft-building powers Nothing confirms Turkey’s promise joint operation against IS due soon Ukraine celebrates Independence Day amid martial law, economic crisis Russian ex-central banker: Tenge plunges as Kazakhstan responds to ruble, yuan devaluation Russia’s S-300 missile system supplies to Iran to strengthen Mideast security EU concerned over Moscow’s food embargo in response to anti-Russian sanctions Moscow and Tehran implementing joint plan on settling Syrian crisis August 1991 coup d’etat attempt in USSR still fuels disputes Kiev authorities preparing to resolve Donbas conflict by military means - experts China’s yuan devaluation throws oil market pricing into question Mutual attraction of Russia, Saudi Arabia obvious, but contradictions remain Russia’s rating agency, Mir payment system to serve as alternative to Western analogs Russia-Georgia armed clash on August 8-12, 2008 was Saakashvili’s fiasco - experts Egypt is factor for stability, Russia’s priority partner in Middle East Destruction of banned food imports is forced but effective measure - analysts Experts: Ukraine has to seek compromise in gas dispute with Russia ahead of winter season Flow of migrants into EU stems from western policies in Middle East, North Africa Obama’s decision to allow strikes to back Syrian opposition raises eyebrows Experts say EU officials should rather see situation in Crimea with their own eyes Pundits predict ruble’s fluctuations, not instant slump Why is Russia against international tribunal over MH17 flight crash? Turkey on path of war - with Islamic State or Kurds? Revised doctrine asserts Russia’s status of maritime power US seeks rapprochement with Vietnam to strengthen positions in Southeast Asia - experts UN resolution on Srebrenica designed to justify NATO bombings, to discredit Republika Srpska Russian experts call stop list of foreign NGO’s a troubleshooting measure Contradictions between Arab states hinder fight against Islamic State - experts Experts: Greece’s example shows detrimental effect of IMF, EU lending policies Empty treasury explains why Ukraine refuses to buy Russian gas US 2015 military strategy adds chill to new Cold War against Russia - Rogov Armenia sees abortive attempt at orange revolution - analysts Greek default may shake EU, not Russia - analysts Only concerted efforts will overpower terrorist Islamic State - analysts Termination of NATO-Russia relations fraught with risk of sudden crisis - analysts Analysts: US forces Russia to take military, technical steps to forestall aggression US plans of deploying heavy weapons close to Russian borders will push Moscow for response Military analyst: Kiev tries to provoke Russia-NATO clash over Transdniestria BRICS, SCO look sound alternatives to Russia’s strategic partnership with West - experts Military analysts: West embarks on dangerous path of ruining nuclear deterrence US, not Russia, is pushing ahead with Western-launched Cold War Amendments to law on foreign troops in Ukraine are Kiev’s provocation - analysts Shanghai Cooperation Organization may give rise to Greater Eurasia community of states Experts: Russia’s private companies should be allowed to drill for Arctic oil offshore Analysts say demarches towards Transdniestria endanger regional security Russian analysts call EU reaction to Moscow’s retaliatory stop lists hypocritical Europe’s mass migration problem rocks EU - experts Russian experts warn against politicizing FIFA corruption probe Islamic State’s expansion turning into global threat number one Analysts: Poroshenko’s 12 months at the helm was time of empty promises Russian analysts: Eastern Partnership is a process without an end goal Connivance is reaction from US, EU to refusal from Ukraine’s parliament to guarantee human rights - experts Foreign debt payment freeze undermines Ukraine’s credibility - analysts EU’s plan to bomb ships in attempt to stop refugee flow is recognition of failure Analysts: Macedonia opposition protests may trigger another Balkan crisis Hardware upgrade, import substitution are Russian army’s development priorities Moscow metro - Russia’s historical and cultural symbol - turns 80 Analysts: West is insincere in professing commitment to peace in Ukraine Washington, Moscow tone down propaganda, get back to dialogue Russia-China military cooperation to enhance joint potential PACE turns away from sweeping criticism of Russia to sober view of Ukrainian crisis Kiev needs Russian aggression myth to worm out Western loans Analysts: TTIP project spells US corporations' diktat Expert: Russia and NATO should mend cooperation Efforts of civilian, military agencies to be pooled for exploration of Arctic areas Putin demonstrates constructive mood over both foreign, home policy matters - analysts Russia’s membership in AIIB to strengthen Eurasian integration Supplies of S-300 air defense systems to Iran no threat to peace - analysts Obama looks determined to oust economic competitors from Americas Experts say persecution of NGOs in Ukraine's Odessa region is abuse of human rights Experts say military operation in Yemen fraught with chaos in Arabian Peninsula New agency to enhance role of small, medium businesses in Russian economy - analysts Analysts: Ukraine’s constitutional reform is one year late Experts: Ukrainian authorities are obliged to pay pensions to Donbas residents Russian experts weigh in on benefits and drawbacks of Lausanne compromise Civil peace best response to western attempts to split Russian society - analysts Analysts say Russia needs quality growth of its armed forces Talks over Iran’s nuclear program to end with comma, not full-stop Russian pundits skeptical Arab states may succeed in creating joint army Storm of Resolve operation in Yemen may have strong impact on oil prices - Russian experts Russia’s 200,000 employed senior citizens worry they may lose old age pension Experts: ruble appreciation set to become steady trend Ukrainian tycoons’ war fraught with crisis of power - analysts US puts spokes in Ukrainian settlement’s wheel Analysts: Kiev disrupts implementation of Minsk accords Analysts: lifting sanctions against Iran may send oil prices down Israel’s Netanyahu has good chances to create ruling coalition - analyst Few chances to borrow, foul competition are worst woes of Russian businesses Political part of Minsk Accords for Ukraine harder to enforce than truce Analysts say IMF money won’t help Ukraine out of debt pit; peace will Anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia: No one said everything would be easy Anti-Russian sanctions are 'ineffective chasing wave' - analyst Russian experts: common EU army idea unviable Analysts: NATO Black Sea drills, US military aid no way to make peace in Ukraine Sakhalin governor’s arrest sends anti-corruption message to regional elites US president’s decision to prolong anti-Russian sanctions far-fetched - analysts Russian authorities consider possibility of easing food import embargo Analysts: Nemtsov murder no reason for anti-Russian demarches Idea of revising Russian Constitution has backers and opponents Analysts: Russia should keep Moody’s rating in mind but rely on other agencies Russian legislators, civil servants agree to be paid less to bolster solidarity in society Does Russia’s government need a center to control reform? Alternative General Staff of Ukrainian Army posing threat to country, Europe - experts Analysts say Ukraine president’s idea of inviting UN peacekeeping force is a ploy Fighting near Debaltsevo endangers Minsk Accords for Ukraine Russians' huge income disparity dangerous to state - analysts Amnesty plans spark controversy over Russia’s jailed corruptioneers West tries to make Russia responsible for Minsk accords enforcement - analysts Message from Minsk talks positive but key issues still to be addressed - analysts Four-nation summit in Minsk must give peace a chance Russian bases in Cyprus impossible for geopolitical reasons - analysts Talks of retirement age raise again spark public debate in Russia Consumer boom in Russia followed by plunging consumer demand Can world leaders hold security summit equal to 1945 Yalta Conference? Russia builds up gold reserves to create safety net for economy - analysts Russian businesses need available credit, incentives, tax breaks, analysts say Experts at odds over Russia’s further membership of Council of Europe Analysts say promises of cash unable to lure Ukrainians into Donbas war Russian analyst warns against stepping over red line in Russia-US relations Kiev shuts windows of opportunity for making peace in south-eastern Ukraine Russian delegation in Davos presses for openness, world trust Bill on scrutiny of religious organizations to protect society from extremists Russia should devise symmetric response to US cyber threats Russian military expert says Kiev’s latest peace initiative is war ploy New spate of drafting to Ukrainian Armed Forces fraught with full-scale war in Europe Largest ever number of refugees worldwide is challenge to humankind Better business climate surest way to overcome economic crisis - analysts Ukraine must unite, not split Russia and Europe Paris tragedy is call for unity in struggle against terrorist Islamic state On New Year’s Eve Ukraine in fact blockades Crimea No promised New Year miracles: RusBeauty distance seller under investigation for fraud Ukraine’s state power agencies, rank-and-file people in confrontation again Overcoming collapse of trust to be politicians’ main task in 2015 Cancellation of Ukraine’s non-aligned status to fuel world tensions Russia’s richest man sets example of how to bring offshore capital home China’s readiness to back up Russia with yuan swap sure sign of trust - analysts The lastest European Union summit was not hostile towards Russia Washington’s geopolitical interests behind restoration of relations with Cuba - analysts Russia provides real assistance to Ukrainian refugees - foreign monitors Western sanctions against Russia begin to annoy foreign politicians, public quarters United States seeks no peace settlement in Ukraine's southeast - experts Main aim of forthcoming Minsk talks to achieve ceasefire in Ukraine Russian economy stalls, retail sales boom ISAF mission in Afghanistan anything but successful UNASUR protects member economies from US takeover Europeans against free trade with US and Washington’s expansion - analysts Putin sends long-awaited message to Russian businesses - analysts Kiev baits hook with guest ministers to lure aid givers Termination of South Stream pipeline project to hit Europe really hard Moscow invites Brussels to end war of sanctions Kiev authorities drive Ukraine into energy crisis as winter is about to set in Control of defiant volunteer battalions is Ukrainian authorities’ big headache Russians more critical of street protests since government coup in Kiev Will Putin, Obama use APEC, G20 summits as chance to ease Russia-West tensions? 25 years after collapse of Berlin Wall: Is the Cold War over? Planet Earth may fail to feed 11 bln mouths toward late 21st century US Republicans’ win in mid-term elections unlikely to mend relations with Russia Russia focuses efforts on expanding presence in Arctic ISAF pullout from Afghanistan heralds failure of US Middle East policies EU sanctions against Russia backfire on tourist industry, retailers Rich Russians to face bigger payments for luxury properties Ukraine’s lustration law spells crackdown on political opponents Moscow citizens first to carry burden of true-to-life real estate tax Ukraine’s third defense minister in six months sure sign military is demoralized "Visa curtain" in front of Russian scientists is caricature of Cold War - experts Russia can and must brief world community on crimes in Ukraine Russia may turn into large exporter of food if it supports farmers Transparent schedule of checks for Russia’s businesses: pros and cons Kiev authorities simulate truce in south-east, prepare for offensive - analysts Brazilian incumbent President Dilma Rouseff determined to win presidential election runoff NATO’s new chief not to become independent political figure NATO’s intention to admit Montenegro another challenge to Russia Coming winter forces Kiev into paying part of gas debt Russians take Western trade sanctions calmly - poll Growing flows of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan result directly from US policies - expert Obama’s rhetoric fuels Moscow-Washington tensions - expert Kiev government underreporting Ukrainian Army casualties by dozens of percent - opinion US strikes against targets in Syria challenge international law - analysts Russia's Chechnya considers army conscription in North Caucasus political success Ukrainian president gets applause in US Congress instead of military aid Ukrainian president under pressure of 'party of war': who wins? Crimea’s return to Russia’s fold pushes liberal opposition to sidelines Ukraine’s future parliament to be revolutionary and populist Military operation against Islamic State is within UN, not US competence Russia has capability to respond to US concept of Prompt Global Strike Russian expert calls Ukraine’s ban on relaying 15 Russian channels a derelict measure Experts see regional elections in Russia as referendum on support for government High taxes push Russians into informal sector - experts Experts say EU sanctions against Russia result of America’s pressure Western sanctions prompt Russia to turn east in search partners Russia revising its defense doctrine as new threats emerge - experts US to plan combat operations in Syria on pretext of fighting Islamists EU’s new key senior officials set to settle Ukrainian crisis - Russian expert Poroshenko’s visit to US mere pre-election publicity - expert Ukraine’s nuclear status resumption bill must be kept in focus - military experts Russia’s ban on EU food import may breathe new life into dacha gardening Early parliamentary elections unlikely to end Ukraine’s crisis - expert Minsk talks on situation in Ukraine should lead to compromise - experts Russians tend to see the national flag as part of their lives Special migration police Russia’s vital need - analysts Elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons is above all Russia’s merit Arab Spring boomerangs on US Europe opposes continued war in Ukraine Reciprocal steps may ease tension in West-Russia trade war - experts Putin defuses passions over all foreign, domestic policy issues - State Duma member Experts argue if Russia should get national funds back or switch countries of placement Ukrainian tycoons don’t care about domestic turmoil - analysts Employers may have to pay for deportation of illegal immigrants Political pressure on Russia leads to unpopular security measures on Internet Russia to create rapid reaction force as relations with West get strained Russia’s retaliation to foreign sanctions may be heavy Ukrainian military flights into Russia prove war is unjust and Russia has no role in it, experts say US, EU cover military aid to Kiev with calls for peace - analysts Russian experts doubt Kiev’s commitment to peaceful settlement of crisis Ukrainian government showing totalitarian methods while doing pro-democracy talk Chechnya offering more substantial aid to eastern Ukraine than superpower US Hague court verdict in oil company Yukos vs Russia affair political - experts EU adopts new anti-Russian sanctions to favour US military industry - experts Ukraine’s political crisis may lead to disintegration of its statehood - experts Military draft in Ukraine signaling agony of Kiev regime - Russian experts US intelligence conceals truth about Malaysian jet crash in Ukraine - expert West doesn’t want objective probe into Malaysian Boeing crash in Ukraine - expert Imposed EU integration bodes ill for stability in Transdniestria - experts Ukrainian press says rapprochement with EU harms national economy Ukraine president renews hostilities under pressure at home, from abroad - experts Islamic caliphate serious world challenge Experts call for real ceasefire to stop bloodshed in eastern Ukraine Poroshenko’s edition of basic law unacceptable for Ukraine’s southeast - experts West misuses Putin's peace initiative without scruple - experts Experts differ over Kiev's talks with self-proclaimed eastern republics Russian experts doubt peaceful goals of Ukraine president’s plan Post-Soviet states’ EU-bound drift prompts Russia to re-industrialize itself Ukrainian government conducting war against Russian journalists, say experts Experts criticizing Kiev government’s intention to demarcate border with Russia unilaterally US appetite for European market responsible for Ukrainian crisis - experts US foreign policy disastrous for whole world - experts Russia capable of due response to NATO challenges - experts South Stream suspended under US pressure to EU's detriment - experts Economic association with EU having more cons than pros for Ukraine Russian experts dismiss G7’s communique as salvo in information war Assad’s victory is starting point for society's consolidation - experts Russian analysts say US developed measures to deter Russia long before Ukrainian crisis Presidential election in Syria counter-argument to coup attempts Russia’s isolation - Obama’s wishful thinking Punitive operation, mounting chaos to overshadow Ukrainian presidential inauguration Russia set for closer cooperation with EP - experts Moscow hints to Kiev on its preparedness to cooperate under certain conditions European Parliament polls to change EU political agenda - experts Ukraine law enforcers continue questioning LifeNews journalists Russia, China form new center of political power - experts Ukraine’s future president unable to represent all of country’s citizens Russia minimizes troubled areas in Crimea - experts United Ukraine future impossible without consensus in society Ukrainian presidential election, if held at gunpoint, will escalate the crisis - experts Sanctions unable to make Russia quit its independent Ukrainian policy - experts Point of no return in Russia-West relations not yet passed - Russian expert Standoff in Ukraine makes legitimate election impossible - Russian legislators Russian national cuisine called upon to put up competition to McDonald’s US hurries to crack down on Russia before it gains strength - analyst Re-run of Caribbean crisis in Ukraine must be avoided by all means Russian political experts say Geneva-II talks on Ukraine are neccessary Russia is drafting program to develop Arctic regions, protect their borders Foreseeing national security threats essential to resisting them effectively - analyst Russian experts say Kiev not implementing Geneva deals to de-escalate Ukrainian crisis Expert praises process launched in Geneva to de-escalate Ukraine tensions Putin intends to build relations with West without confrontation - experts Offshore capital amnesty crucial, yet not enough for economic recovery Russian experts retain hopes for Geneva meeting over Ukrainian crisis US defense chief’s visit to China fails to remove controversy in Asia Pacific - Academician Arbatov Menu of Russian tourism offers gets new entry - patriotic tours Federalization is sole way of settling Ukrainian crisis peacefully - experts Crimea is not burden on Russia’s economy but it needs employment program for people Russia has nothing to lose from suspension of cooperation with NATO Military experts: US-South Korea naval drills to pressure North Korea, China Crimean Tatars not to destabilize peninsula Those who conceal second citizenship may face criminal prosecution in Russia EU activity in Ukraine undermines belief in democratic principles, experts say White House’s political ambitions above fight against drugs trafficking - expert BRICS countries - Russia's allies in opposing idea of unipolar world West’s promises to help Ukraine are idle talk - experts Tough nationalist dictatorship looms with Tymoshenko as president - experts Experts expect Russia to strengthen security system in Crimea Expert says US trying to execute export coup scenario in Venezuela Russia plans large investments in Crimea’s economy Ukraine’s claims for part of Soviet property are "unprofessional bluff" - experts Experts say treaty on Crimea’s accession to Russia triumph of free expression of will Sanctions against Russia may be tangible but not critical for economy - experts Russian senator says no doubt referendum in Crimea free, democratic Russia protects fundamental European values in Ukraine - experts Experts blame Russian ruble’s fall on devaluation expectations Yanukovych’s statement an attempt to bring situation in Ukraine to legitimacy - experts Early presidential election in Ukraine breakthrough out of black hole, says expert Sochi Olympics draw record number of TV-viewers worldwide Brussels, Moscow can lead Ukraine out of stalemate - experts No one wins from Ukraine clashes - Russian senator Russian experts say John Kerry tries to shift blame for deadlocked Geneva-2 Human capital to act as key driver of development in new era, experts say Foreign factor behind events in Bosnia and Ukraine - expert Ukraine is sliding towards default, experts say Sochi welcomes 2014 Winter Olympics with traditional Russian hospitality US reviews its Syrian policy vector - experts Russian government invites Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation to cooperate Scholar Alexei Arbatov praises Geneva-2 conference as step toward Syrian peace Russia ponders upon WTO evaluation centre for asserting its trade interests Ukraine needs own model of development no matter who is in power - experts Nothing like Ukrainian protests looms on Russia's horizon - experts Russian authorities declare war on golden parachutes Kiev needs to sift out radicals from Euro-integration supporters Geneva-2: a long way to peace in Syria Clocks keep ticking away minutes of violent radical standoff in Ukraine Experts: Ukrainians grow protest-weary, rallies are going to wane Geneva-2: making peace better than fighting endless wars, analysts say Risk control is Russia’s motto of G8 presidency at Sochi summit Russian government declares war on off-shores Russia heatedly debates two approaches to future economic growth Ban on liquids in carry-on luggage needed, but random step in Russia Moscow infrastructure and prices neck in neck with Europe’s Russian LGBT community has right for its subculture but no right to obtrude it on others Muslims' plans for rally against ethnic enmity may cause backlash Kremlin’s ex-chef wants UNESCO to include Russian cuisine in cultural heritage list Russian diplomacy in 2013: some reasons to feel proud Putin sounds confident at his annual news conference Moscow talks help Ukraine avoid default, expert opinions differ on long-term effects Central Bank puts financial sector in order, no banking crisis on agenda Contrary to US senators Obama shows restraint over European integration of Ukraine Putin for the first time ever conceptualizes Russia’s adherence to conservatism Better investment climate needed for anti-offshore policy proposed by Putin Attempts at foreign interference in Ukrainian home affairs - act of vengeance by indignant EU Constitution anniversary amnesty in Russia to release 25,000 from jail Amendments discussion underway as Russian Constitution gets ready to mark 20th anniversary Training of specialized antiterrorist squads begins in Russia Ukrainian protests are sure way towards economic collapse Putin launches crusade against corruption Russia in need of more flexible demographic policies, experts say Ukraine faces threat of change of power due to disagreements over European integration Putin cancels New Year holidays for officials responsible for Winter Games Louis Vuitton suitcase-shaped pavilion has to leave Red Square after public uproar Russians critical of parliament’s performance Proposal for enshrining special role of Orthodoxy in Constitution sparks Russian political scientists welcome Geneva agreements as "important precedent" Uralkali top executives harm their company and Customs Union Decommissioning of aged aircraft by 2017 would be hard to accomplish, experts say Too strict property purchase procedures for foreigners may scare off investors Russia makes foreign policy gains but looks less successful at home Russian authorities want to oblige people to credit services of natural monopolies Russians surprise sociologists with increasing happiness about their lives Unwillingness to adapt oneself to society hinders tolerance towards migrants Controversial bill over joint responsibility for corruption on table in State Duma Newly elected Tajik President Emomali Rahmon to face Afghan problem Senior Russian MP says work towards convening Syria peace conference to go ahead Geneva-2: the unattainable horizon? Growing corporate, regional debts may turn into malignant tumor for Russian economy Interior Ministry to discuss with society progress in police reform Russia and Georgia can bring their relations back to normal but only to a point Forthcoming amnesty stirs up interest to Mikhail Khodorkovsky future lot Russia offers Ukraine far more than European Union Russia’s State Duma may make terrorists’ relatives pay for damage done Russia trains foreign military to safeguard its national interests Withdrawal of US troops from airbase Manas in Kyrgyzstan forced step for U.S. Russia’s migrants may have their own ombudsman soon Amnesty proposals by Russia’s human rights council trigger heated debate Illegal migrants problem highlights discontent with law enforcers Speakers’ corners in Moscow have not gained expected popularity yet Russia plans to test US food stamp program to help its poor Experts warn Ukraine against flirtation with Hizb-ut-Tahrir radicals Greenpeace activists in Pechora Sea meant good, but might have caused harm Foreign participation in Russian mega railway project promising for world economy United Russia retains hold of center stage in Russian politics Baikal and Kremlin are ahead of Heart of Chechnya Mosque in scandalous Russian National Symbol completion Moscow is paradise island in contrast to rest of Russia Russians still divided over 1993 autumn crisis in Moscow Television marathon to help Far East flood victims unite Russian society None-of-the-above box may be restored to Russia’s ballot papers soon Letter from jailed member of Pussy Riot punk band causes popular outcry Russian authorities try to resolve ethnic tension with no experience in the matter Government ministers, experts ring alarm bells over condition of Russian economy “Grey cardinal” Vladislav Surkov makes return to Russian politics Experts say consistent and resolute efforts needed to combat drug threat in Russia Government wants to narrow wage gap but does not know how Lavrov-Kerry agreement is of historic importance to the world, Russia, US, Syria Russia may have to engage in elimination of Syrian chemical weapons Putin and corruption - the president must win, says expert Russia and US have chances to achieve breakthrough in Syrian settlement crisis Light can be seen at end of Syrian crisis tunnel Regional elections signal return of real competition to Russian politics G20 summit fails to find solution to Syrian crisis, all hopes pinned on Geneva-2 Russian legislators’ meeting with US congressmen over Syria disrupted Russian expert says Mideast made narrow escape from major war Tuesday Chances of success at Russian-US legislators’ meeting over Syria slim Putin warns government officials of Far Eastern region over flood relief efforts Military analyst: US aim in MidEast is to produce controlled chaos situation Rocket strikes by US, its allies on Syria will not stop civil war Missile strikes may bring about disintegration of Syrian state, analyst says Russian politicians, experts in dismay over businessman’s arrest in Belarus Moscow warns Washington against missile strikes on military facilities in Syria Russian government does what it can to support small businesses Candidates for Moscow’s mayor promise voters what they would like to hear Finance Ministry’s idea to cut social spending to save budget money draws cool response Russia tries to reintroduce school uniform by Sept 1 Russian Far East submersed: area of size of Europe flooded 200 women run for Chechen parliamentary elections August 2013 puts Russian economy between stagnation and recession Future of opposition figurehead Navalny in focus at Moscow’s mayoral election Russian, US ministers try to halt upsetting of bilateral relations Ban for public servants to have accounts abroad takes effect, but loopholes still in place. Russia and Georgia will overcome consequences of August 2008 armed conflict Snowden row no hindrance to Obama’s presence at G20 summit but upsets meeting with Putin - analysts Russia plans to set up centres for temporary keeping of illegal migrants before deportation Russia to build up positions in Asia-Pacific region, modernizing the longest world railway No war in Korean Peninsula, but threat to peace remains - military, civil experts Russian scholar calls for putting relations with US on economic basis BRICS group should turn in global forum of the twenty-first century Moscow mayor refusal to build mosques not to solve problem - experts Chavez’s death may result in some changes in the alignment of forces in Latin America