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Poroshenko’s visit to US mere pre-election publicity - expert

August 29, 2014, 20:17 UTC+3 Zamyatina Tamara
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (L) and US President Barack Obama (R)

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (L) and US President Barack Obama (R)

© ITAR-TASS/Nikolai Lazarenko

MOSCOW, August 29. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Washington that has been scheduled for September proves that the milieu currently holding the reins of power in Kiev view the US as the main political investor and engineer of their homeland’s state strategy, a high-ranking Russian expert told ITAR-TASS Friday.

US President Barack Obama said Thursday in the White House that Poroshenko would visit Washington in September. He said he would express support for the people of Ukraine at meetings with his Ukrainian guest.

“The US has been drafting a scenario for the Ukrainian opposition for the past 25 years,” said Dr. Alexei Podberyozkin, the director of the Center for Defense and Political Research at the Moscow State Diplomatic University (MGIMO). “This was persistent activity paralleled with long-term strategies of the US Administration.”

“Now that the leader of the pro-American section of the Ukrainian elite has come to power in Kiev, Washington is going to translate its plans into reality overtly and persistently,” he said.

“The scenario of bolstering the Ukrainian opposition has been well-greased financially,” the expert said. “What we see on the surface is only a small tip of the iceberg.”

“Only ten percent of the money earmarked for support of the Ukrainian opposition spent from the US budget was provided by US allies and non-budgetary funds,” he said. “Thus Washington is acting as a political and ideological mentor of the Kiev regime and, on top of that, as its auditor.”

“Pyotr Poroshenko will go to the U.S. to make a report on enacting the U.S. script of the new Ukrainian policy,” Dr. Podberyozkin said. “Quite possibly, he will be asking Obama to grant military aid, as Kiev doesn’t have enough own resources to cope with the East-Ukrainian rebellion forces.”

“It’s quite noteworthy that Barack Obama refused to answer a question or whether the US was pondering supplies of weaponry to Ukraine. The thing is that the supplies of American weaponry to one or another nation don’t require official declarations - for instance, the US has pumped weapons to Afghanistan through Pakistan in the past.

“Congressional approval is required only in the situations where the case in had concerns big amounts of money, while the clandestine supplies of outdated US armaments stockpiling in military depots and running out of their service life don’t have any impediments.

“By cancelling a visit to Turkey on Thursday under the pretext that Russian troops had allegedly been introduced in Ukraine, Poroshenko performed a PR trick for fanning the situation around Russia and for pushing the US and Russian interests towards a yet another collision.

“His visit to the US is also a publicity ploy in the run-up to the October 26 election to the Verkhovna Rada, in which he is seeking to assure support for his Petro Poroshenko Bloc. He’d like to show to the voters he relies on support of the Western superpower.

“For Obama, support for the Kiev regime is a method of effectuating America’s geopolitical objective in Europe and Asia, which is to establish control over the continent from Lisbon to Vladivostok and to China. This is a battle for control over Eurasia spelt out by the US policy ideologist Zbigniew Brzezinski some twenty years ago.

“It’s a priority of paramount importance in the U.S. policy and Ukraine occupies to the top position in what concerns the implementation of this doctrine.

“Ukraine has more significance for the US at present than its relations with NATO allies and the whole story is bigger than the US economic interests in Eastern Europe that are secondary to the geopolitical ones.

“Regardless of who rules in Washington, the US is persistently pushing for preventing Ukraine’s integration with Russia that might form a center of power in Europe opposite to the US. Integration of the two countries with a population of around 200 million might be conducive to the rise of a totally different economy that would be a center of gravity for other countries.

“This option is craved by Russia but the US is working to avert it,” Dr. Podberyozkin said.

“Proceeding from its geopolitical interests Washington is trying to perpetuate the current conflict between Kiev and Moscow and it hence fanning russophobia in Ukraine,” he said. “The US has no interest in an outright war between Ukraine and Russia but it need permanent animosity between the two countries to achieve its objectives."


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