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Expert says US trying to execute export coup scenario in Venezuela

March 21, 2014, 20:44 UTC+3 Zamyatina Tamara
Demonstrators clash with members of the Bolivarian National Police after a mass meeting called by opposition students in Caracas, Venezuela

Demonstrators clash with members of the Bolivarian National Police after a mass meeting called by opposition students in Caracas, Venezuela


MOSCOW, March 21. /ITAR-TASS/. “In Venezuela, the United States is practicing the same scenario of toppling unwanted regimes as [it used] at the end of the 1990s in Yugoslavia and later in Northern Africa and Middle East countries, and recently in Ukraine,” the president of the Geopolitical Problems Academy, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, said in an interview with Itar-Tass.

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said “the state institutions of the United States, including the Department of State and the CIA, constantly act as the controlling and guiding force for Venezuela’s right forces that carry out a coup d’etat against the constitutional government.”

Earlier, official Caracas accused US Secretary of State John Kerry of encouraging violence in the country. “Each time we try to cut the number of crimes and built barricades, Kerry comes and violence breaks out again,” the South American country’s Foreign Minister Elias Jaua emphasized.

In late February, President Maduro gave a tough response to Kerry’s statement on the situation in the Latin American country, when Washington spoke with a time-tested appeal to the Venezuelan government to “start dialogue with the democratic opposition and free all detained protest participants.”

A total of 31 people, including 25 civilians, as well as servicemen and police officers, died as a result of riots that have been underway in the country since February 12.

“The Pentagon has an expedition corps of civilian specialists who work with the opposition to destabilize the situation in countries where the United States has its interests,” military analyst Ivashov said regarding the situation in Venezuela.

“Washington selected that country as a regular victim because now the entire Latin America is looking away from the United States and is trying to build its own civilization. Anti-Americanism is the only platform uniting Latin American Spaniards, Indians and Afro-Americans. In this sense, Venezuela, like Cuba earlier, is a country uniting South American states in their opposition to Washington’s diktat,” the expert said.

“The US chose Caracas as a target that it intends to hit to avoid strengthening of integration processes in the framework of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR),” the colonel-general stressed.

It is not by chance that the Venezuelan president turned to UNASUR with a request for assistance to ensure dialogue with the opposition “to prevent the appearance of a hopeless situation that the position of US President Barack Obama contributes to,” Maduro said at the end of last week.

According to Ivashov, “the geopolitical scenario being practiced by Washington in Venezuela has a direct analogy with the recent events in Ukraine, when after the seizure by force of government institutions, the opposition accused President Viktor Yanukovych of people’s death and threatened him that it would file a lawsuit with the International Court in The Hague.”

Under the same scheme, the Parliamentary Democratic Alliance of America (PDAA) voiced its intention to file a lawsuit against Nicolas Maduro with the International Court in The Hague over human rights violations during riots in the country, PDAA chairman Adrian Oliva, an opposition deputy in the Bolivian parliament, said Monday.

“The scenario of removing unwanted regimes from power is described in detail in the brochure ‘From dictatorship to democracy’, which is available on the internet and which I encountered in Syria in Arabic. The brochure was published by the US Albert Einstein Institution, which deals not with physics but with the methodology of ‘color revolutions’. The sequence of steps to perform coups is described in that manual step by step in 198 items,” the expert continued.

“There is a danger that the United States will try to achieve its goals in Venezuela by all means - both political and military,” the Geopolitical Problems Academy president said.

“Prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union, there was a balance of forces in international relations, and the world was bipolar. After the USSR collapse, the UN Charter became a problem for America. Washington started imposing its standards on the world bypassing Security Council resolutions. The international community should counteract this dangerous tendency,” the military analyst concluded.


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